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2022 electric car buying guide

In our daily life, we are more and more inseparable from electric vehicles. It not only solves the problem of urban traffic congestion, but also solves the problem that our travel range is too small and parking is not easy. Because electric vehicles can avoid traffic jams, ride and stop anytime, take up less traffic resources, and are cost-effective, they are not only the first choice for office workers, but also the main means of transportation for young people. Students graduating this year, are you ready to choose your own electric car? Here are some suggestions for you, hoping to help you choose your favorite electric car.

2000 watt electric motorcycle



Suggestion one:


If you are torn between electric bicycles and electric motorcycles, then please listen to my analysis.


Electric bicycles are cheap, but the speed is slightly slower, the motor power is not large, and the battery power is also small, so they can only be used by one person.


Electric motorcycles are expensive, but they have fast speed, fast acceleration, large motor power, large battery capacity, long cruising range, and can carry an extra person, which is suitable for people who travel farther away.


Suggestion two:


Electric bicycles belong to bicycles, and there are no restrictions on electric bicycles in most areas. Because of the slow speed, the safety is relatively high.


Electric motorcycles are motorcycles. In some areas, motorcycles are restricted. Because of their high speed, they need to wear safety helmets for driving.


Recommendation three:


The safety of electric bicycles must be guaranteed. For this reason, we must keep our eyes open, pick the right brand, and be optimistic about the parameters. The following parameters are particularly important, please watch carefully.


1. Motor


The motor is the core part of the entire electric vehicle. The motor is classified according to power. Common electric bicycles are classified into 500W, 800W, and electric motorcycles are divided into 1200W, 1500W, 2000W, etc. The higher the power, the faster the speed and the power consumption. higher


2. Battery


In the electric vehicle industry, two kinds of batteries are commonly used, one is lead-acid battery, the other is lithium battery. The volume and capacity of lithium batteries are many times that of lead-acid batteries. Under the same volume, the battery life of lithium batteries is much higher than that of lead-acid batteries, but the price is more expensive. Therefore, when choosing an electric vehicle, you can look at the material of the electric vehicle battery in detail, so as to avoid spending money but not getting the corresponding performance.


3. Brand


The following will introduce you a product: 2000 watt electric motorcycle


This product contains the advantages of electric bicycles and electric motorcycles without their own shortcomings. Electric bicycles have a power of 2000 watts. What kind of experience is it? A small body can still burst into powerful power, and you can enjoy electric power. The acceleration of the motorcycle can also enjoy the freedom of the electric bicycle without being restrained. It really kills two birds with one stone.


After reading the news introduction, will you choose the electric car that suits you? If you don't think about it, you can buy all the products on this website with confidence, including not only 2000 watt electric bikes, but also other more cost -effective products waiting for you to choose.