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Are you sure you don't want a 72v electric motorcycle?

Have you ever experienced such an embarrassing scene? You got up early to go to work, the bus stopped, sweat slowly fell from your forehead, waited for half an hour, and finally got a car, but arrived at the company 20 minutes late, full attendance and you Wave goodbye.

In fact, for office workers, choosing electric vehicles is undoubtedly a very wise decision if they dont want to be left and rightby buses and subways. Today, I would like to introduce to you a high-quality, durable and reliable electric motorcycle - Janshe M5, an ultra-endurance 72v electric motorcycle!

72v electric motorcycle

01 Fashionable appearance

When you first see Janshe M5, you will be attracted by its fashionable atmosphere.

The neat lines outline the obvious geometric sides on the body, which is very aesthetically pleasing; the motor with a full power of 2000W, 72v with 35ah, makes the car faster and runs farther; the use of high-rebound saddle, plus The large seat surface distributes the pressure evenly, so that you will not get tired after riding for a long time; in addition, there are three colors of phantom gray, digital blue, and ice white to choose from, which are low-key and tasteful, and will keep you coming back.

02 Run far enough

At present, most of the electric vehicles on the market are not very good in battery life, so car owners have more or less "range anxiety" and are always worried that they have not enough power for their electric vehicles. Some people will privately increase the number of batteries in order to achieve higher battery life. Such an operation is very dangerous and is likely to cause the battery to catch fire, thus endangering the life of the cyclist.

The Janshe M5 creatively uses the intelligent battery life algorithm to make the output power of the electric vehicle adaptively adjust under different power conditions, thereby improving the battery life; the 2000W power motor can further improve the power and battery life, and improve the quality of the whole vehicle. steps.

03 Durable

When buying an electric vehicle, you must consider after-sales and usage costs. If the vehicle often fails, it will greatly increase the cost of comprehensive vehicle use, and some manufacturers do not have adequate after-sales service, resulting in "buying a car at a low price for a while, but a lot of maintenance in the later period.

And Janshe not only has perfect after-sales service, but also has a low failure rate, durable and good ride, and has a very high reputation in the industry. Taking Janshe M5, a 72v electric motorcycle as an example, its core components are guaranteed for 6 years. If used normally, a car can be ridden for 10 years, and the quality is reliable, which greatly reduces the cost of subsequent use of the car.

Stylish appearance, durable; lightweight travel, long battery life; run far enough, travel worry-free... Such an excellent Janshe M5, are you sure you don't want one?