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City sports electric scooter comprehensive purchase strategy!

City sports electric scooter is a more convenient product. It does not require a parking space. It can even be folded and thrown in the trunk or lifted upstairs. Not only is the cost lower than that of a car, but its flexibility is higher than that of a bicycle, and it is even cheaper. However, in some countries or cities, electric scooters cannot be used on the main road, so everyone must do some simple homework before buying an urban sports electric scooter, learn some simple purchasing knowledge, and then check whether your city allows it. citysports electric scooter are on the road, otherwise all kinds of troublesome problems will appear frequently after they are bought!

Today I will talk with you about what to pay attention to when buying an urban sports electric scooter, and what problems you will encounter when using it. In order to read the look and feel, the "city sports electric scooter" in the content will be replaced by "scooter", please know.


1. How big is the scooter tire size?

2. The braking system of the scooter is very important

3. Is it necessary to install the seat of the scooter?

citysports electric scooter


What is the right size of scooter tires

The appearance of scooters is actually similar. The main difference is that you can't see it from the appearance. Let's talk about what you can see first.

At present, most of the scooters on the market have tires of about 8 inches. For some S version, Plus version, and Pro version, the tires are raised to about 8.5-9 inches. In fact, the tires are bigger and smaller. There is not much difference Yes, you will not have any obvious changes in daily use, but if you have to pass the speed bump at the gate of the community, the school, or the road you are commuting to is not very smooth, then the experience of small tires is Not as good as the big tire, including its uphill angle, the passability and comfort of the big tire are better.

There are 10-inch large tires. If they are made larger, they will have a significant impact on their safety and aesthetics. It is recommended to choose directly at 8.5-10 inches. It is not recommended to buy 8-inch tires. Of course, this also depends on personal needs, because small tires are more beautiful and more convenient.


The braking system of the scooter is very important

No matter what kind of car, as long as you drive out, you must put safety first. The problem of braking is not only electric scooters, but even your motorcycle, bicycle, and car have the problem of untimely braking. They all have a brake In theory, the shorter the distance, the better, but you can't be too aggressive. If you are too aggressive, the whole person will fly out.

For scooters, it mainly has two ways

The first type: electric brake + foot brake

The second type: electric brake + mechanical brake

Our product is a dual brake system, the rear wheel is a ventilated disc brake system, which is braked by a mechanical structure. This form of braking effect is better.


Is it necessary to install the seat of the scooter?