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Common sense of electric motorcycles
In recent years, with the rise of new energy, a large number of electric bikes have flooded into the market.In addition to meeting people's daily commuting needs, electric bikes are also likely to meet people's daily commuting needs and become the most common "savior" of contemporary young people: takeout and express delivery.


But these two groups often do some unsafe behavior to be in a hurry, avoiding both vehicles and pedestrians.


So, this is a popular science nature of the article, today with you about riding some common sense, and skills.

 electric motorcycles


As we all know, the appearance of the electric motorcycle is similar to the fuel motorcycle, but the engine is replaced by the motor, is a labor-saving than the bicycle, lighter than the motorcycle, faster than the electric speed of the family short distance and environmental friendly transportation tools.


About cycling, because it is not oil motorcycle, so it is not so complex, do not have to consider the start shift parking car so much content.


So I'll just say a few simple notes.


1. First of all, no matter what kind of motorcycle you ride, always wear a helmet.Half helmet, three-quarters helmet, full helmet, what model as you choose, buy the best you can buy.


2. Clothing, or protective gear, although the speed of electric motorcycle is generally slow (there are exceptions, such as us, 80 km/h speed will ask you afraid), but conditions can also be a whole set, such as knee pads and elbow gloves, cycling clothing depends on personal needs.


3. After the road, learn to see and listen to all directions.Riding a motorcycle and driving a car is the same, the road conditions are changing rapidly, always need to pay attention to the traffic conditions, in addition to staring at the driving ahead, but also always check the rearview mirror, especially to pay attention to the roadside suddenly rushed out of the people, cars or animals, these can be a big kill on the road.


4.Pay attention to the weather and the road surface changes.Rain, snow, or road water, stones, sand, or even small ditches and pits, etc., are always costly, and carelessness is bad.


5. Try not to brake so hard.Although the speed is not fast, but the motorcycle is naturally lack of protection, not to mention most cars do not have ABS (here I will mention again, we have CBS front and rear linkage brake ~), after the tail or butt swing, it is very dangerous.


OK, Although motorcycles represent freedom, but yearning for freedom, but also to give yourself Good life