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Details of buying an electric bike
1. Select the appearance quality of electric bicycle first, mainly to on whether the trademark and decals are intact, and whether the surface quality of paint parts, electroplating parts, plastic parts and aluminum alloy parts is satisfied.


2. Check the quality of electric bicycle assembly, it should be: a. Various screws are fastened in place, not loose.The b. The handlebars, wheels, chains, crank and pedal should operate flexibly, and the circle should be fast and the amount of round beating should be small.c. Handbar, saddle, mud plate, hanger and bracket should be installed properly or symmetrical, without obvious



 electric bike

3. Electric bicycle electric door key and battery lock to try out, electric door lock, battery lock, toolbox lock should be universal a key is the most convenient.


4. Open the electric bicycle gate, turn the variable speed handle, check the stepless speed change and brake (brake) power off and braking effect, and check whether the motor is running smoothly and the sound is normal.


5. Finally, the electric bicycle invoice, charger, certificate, manual, three bag card and so on should be taken up, and properly saved.