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Driving forms and advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes

At present, the types of electric bicycle drives that are often seen on the market include the following types:

1. Friction wheel transmission type

2. Side jacket chain drive and shaft drive type

3. Front axle drive type

4. Rear axle drive type

5. Central chain drive type

After several years of market experience, the advantages and disadvantages of various types of electric vehicle drive forms have been fully demonstrated. The brief analysis is as follows:

1. Friction wheel drive type electric bicycle

The friction wheel drive is an early product of electric bicycles. It is characterized by simple structure, easy manufacture, low cost and convenient maintenance. However, it has low efficiency, poor shape, serious tire wear, and cannot adapt to slightly slippery and muddy road conditions, so this type of transmission has been basically eliminated.

2. Side jacket type chain (or shaft) transmission type electric bicycle

The transmission type of the side jacket is also an early simple product, with a simple structure, easy to manufacture, and low cost. It is more convenient to transform an old bicycle into an electric bicycle, but it is difficult to obtain a good appearance due to the limitation of the volume power of the motor. , low efficiency, poor reliability, and cannot be popularized and applied.

3. Front axle drive type

This type of electric bicycle motor is installed on the front axle, the distribution of the center of gravity is unreasonable, and the handlebar cannot be turned lightly and flexibly. In addition, if the magnetic tile falls off, it will suddenly jam the motor rotating at high speed, which is very likely to cause safety accidents. , so the manufacturers rarely use it.

Fourth, the rear axle transmission type

This type is a transmission type commonly used in electric bicycles at present. Its motor is integrated with the rear axle. Because its position is at the rear of the vehicle, it has little effect on the appearance. This is to change the shape and change the color style belt It is very convenient. Since the in-wheel motor has basically achieved specialized production and reduced costs, this transmission method has been widely used.

electric bicycle

But it also has some shortcomings. For example, when the electric bicycle needs to replace the tire or maintain the motor, it is necessary to disconnect the power cord or remove all the spokes, which causes great inconvenience to the electric bicycle maintenance. In addition, due to the large outer diameter of the in-wheel motor, this causes the spokes to deflect a large angle from the center of the wheel. A large alternating bending moment is brought to the outer end of the spoke, so that the spoke is broken due to fatigue in a short period of time.

In addition, the outer rotor of the motor and the rear axle of the electric bicycle are difficult to maintain a long life in the environment where the bearing seals are not very clean (most motors do not have seals): the outlet hole of the hollow shaft is also difficult to seal. This causes great disadvantages to the sealing and lubrication conditions of the motor, thereby shortening the service life of the electric bicycle motor.

Low-speed hub drives were once popular because of their low cost and low noise. However, due to their soft motor characteristics, poor headwind and climbing ability, they consume a lot of power. Human riding creates difficulties, so the current market share of low-speed motors has been shrinking.

Five, the middle chain drive type electric bicycle

The electric bicycle in the form of chain drive is a new generation of products that appeared after the previous types of products. At present, Japanese products mostly use this form. This is to combine a relatively independent brushed (or brushless) high-speed motor with a reduction box, positive and negative clutches, and booster sensors into a whole, placed in the middle of the car body, and then drive the rear wheels through the wheel disc and flywheel. This new type of transmission has many significant advantages.

Reasonable center of gravity: Since the electric bicycle driver is located in the middle of the car body, the center of gravity is located reasonably, which ensures the stability and safety of riding, and also creates conditions for beautifying the shape.

The output torque is large and the space in the reduction box is large. The electric bicycle can be designed with a larger gear module, so that it can output a larger torque and improve the starting speed and climbing ability.

Human riding is brisk: when the power is disconnected and the electric bicycle is manually driven, the positive and negative clutches can safely disengage the motor gear system from the pedal transmission system. At this time, the electric bicycle is no different from the ordinary bicycle, making the riding very comfortable. brisk.

With the continuous development of electric bicycle products and the continuous advancement of technology, it is believed that there will be more, newer and better different types of drives in the future.


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