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Electric motorcycle and electric bike difference

First, the principle is different


1. Electric motorcycle: the electric drive and control system is composed of the speed control control device of the driving motor, power supply and electric motor.Other devices of the electric motorcycle are basically the same as those of the internal combustion engine.


2. Electric bicycle: a vehicle that takes the battery as the energy source and converts the electric energy into mechanical energy movement through the controller, motor and other components to control the current size and change the speed.


Two, the characteristics are different


1. Electric motorcycle: turn the drive moment of the motor into a force on the ground through the wheel to drive the wheel.It is the same composition as other cars, consisting of wheels, tires and suspension.


2. Electric bicycles: Lead-acid batteries (including lead-acid colloidal batteries) have cheap cost and stable performance. Most of the electric bicycles on the market use such batteries.


Three, the composition is different


1. Electric motorcycle: electric drive and control system, driving force drive and other mechanical systems, working devices to complete the established tasks, etc.


2. Electric bicycle: composed of four parts: battery, electric wheel hub, controller and charger and car body.