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Export demand for 2 wheel electric mopeds is bullish
At present, China advocates low-carbon life and low-carbon travel. The popularization of electric 2 wheel electric mopeds is one of the important ways of short-distance travel. It has the advantages of high convenience and easy popularization, and its intelligent process is constantly accelerating.


With the younger consumption of 2 wheel electric mopeds and the improvement and transformation of intelligence, China's 2 wheel electric mopeds will enter a new stage of development, and intelligence will become a development trend.


In recent years, not only the domestic electric two-wheeler market sales have been objective, but the export has also been steadily rising.


Data show that in 2021, China's export of 2 wheel electric mopeds will be 22.900 million, a year-on-year increase of 27.7%; the export value will be 5.29 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 50.8%.


2 wheel electric mopeds

According to the analysis of practitioners, the export of electric two-wheelers will maintain a growth trend in 2022, the total output will remain stable and rising, and the pace of high-quality development of the industry will be further accelerated.


In addition, with the promotion of global green environmental protection, Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions have also begun to implement relevant policies to promote the demand for electric two-wheelers


Data show that last year, the number of 2 wheel electric mopeds exported from my country to Thailand increased by nearly 200% year-on-year, the fastest growth rate. Also last year, China's exports of electric two-wheelers to Europe reached 2.02 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 49.4%, accounting for 38.3%!


More and more overseas countries have gradually adopted electric two-wheelers as one of the preferred means of transportation for connecting public transportation, short-distance commuting and travel, including electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric scooters.


2 wheel electric mopeds

Intelligent and lightweight are gradually replacing the 2 wheel electric mopeds in the past, becoming a new growth point at present, and the consumer group is gradually getting younger.


Throughout the analysis, the demand for 2 wheel electric mopeds is generally optimistic. Green, low-carbon, environmental protection, and intelligence will become the development trend of electric two-wheelers in the future, and the demand for iterative upgrading and development of manufacturing enterprises is also increasing.