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How about the quality of 2wheele scooter for adults

Electric scooters are really well adapted to the fast-paced city life: small size, low cost, labor-saving, simple and convenient operation, fast speed, and also adaptable to different road environments.


Notes for 2 wheel scooter for adults

 2 wheel scooter for adults

1、Master the balance and drive at low speed

In the process of using 2 wheel scooter for adults, to control the balance of the body, try to use low speed mode on the road. In the state of high-speed driving must not brake sharply to prevent inertia to let themselves fly out, causing injury.

2、Special road, prohibited to drive

2 wheel scooter for adults is not what the road can be driven, in some bumpy road, snow, water on the road are prohibited to use.

3、Rational storage and regular inspection

When storing 2 wheel scooter for adults, please pay attention to avoid sunlight and rain. The wheels of the scooter are the most easily damaged parts, we should always check the stability and solidity of the tires and regular maintenance. Regularly check the tightness of the screws to ensure the solidity of the assembly.

4, comply with the law, mandatory supervision

According to the "Road Traffic Management Regulations", many types of 2 wheel scooter for adults are not allowed to be used as a means of transportation, it is recommended that you use in closed community roads, indoor arenas, park roads and other specific occasions.


2 wheel scooter for adults purchase advice


1、Weight of the body

First of all, the weight, if 2 wheel scooter for adults is too heavy for our daily travel or commuting to work is more inconvenient, will be more strenuous, and the current market weight of electric scooters are generally not more than 14kg, if it is a girl to buy, it is best to choose the weight of not more than 10kg, convenient and labor-saving.


2, motor

In fact, now 2 wheel scooter for adults is not necessary to use foreign Bosch motor, very uneconomical, in fact, as long as the design and performance of the better domestic motor is enough.

About the motor power, in fact, is not the bigger the better, too big waste. Too small is not enough, so the right is the most important, assuming 2 wheel scooter for adults wheel diameter of 8 inches, then it is recommended that the rated power is generally in the range of 250W-350W is good. If you need to consider the climbing problem, the power also needs to be larger.


3、Survival capacity

2 wheel scooter for adults as a small means of daily travel, of course, the range is best not too short, the stronger the better, and the current market 2 wheel scooter for adults range is generally 15-30KM, which can be combined with their own use of the scene to choose.


4. Speed

As a small transport, 2 wheel scooter for adults speed is not that the faster the better, if the speed is too fast, it will often bring you some danger, so the electric scooter on the market to ensure the safety of the premise of the speed is generally 15-25km / h.


Suggestions for using 2 wheel scooter for adults


So it is recommended that people who have bought 2 wheel scooter for adult, you ride, the speed is not too fast, and one more, be sure to wear a helmet. Buy 2 wheel scooter for adult is actually a lot of doorways, related to the purchase of small knowledge if you want to understand roughly, roughly to introduce it, first of all, it is recommended that when you buy, tire size selection between 8.5-10 inches, too small size encounter more rugged road or school district entrance speed bumps, the passage will be very bumpy.