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How can the electric moped industry open up a new situation of green travel?
As one of the ways of life in our country, two-wheeled electric moped are gradually being favored by people. It has become an important travel mode in two-wheeled green travel. The emergence of shared two-wheeled electric moped has enriched the two-wheeled green travel mode and opened an environmentally friendly green travel channel.


Environmental experts say that green travel of two-wheeled electric moped can not only solve some of the shortcomings of current urban traffic, but also meet the requirements of green and high-quality development. To this end, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the construction of relevant systems and supporting facilities, as well as the development, promotion and application of new products and new models.


According to the "2021 China Two-Wheeled Green Travel Industry Research Report" released by the China Market Intelligence Center, the current two-wheeled vehicles mainly include two-wheeled bicycles, two-wheeled electric moped, two-wheeled motorcycles, etc., of which two-wheeled motorcycles generally use gasoline. Or diesel as fuel, there are certain pollutant emissions, therefore, two-wheeled motorcycles do not belong to the category of two-wheeled green travel.


At present, under the background of " carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", more and more "players" have joined the two-wheeled electric vehicle market.


The new way of green travel and intelligentization drive new changes in the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry


With the official implementation of the new national standard in April 2019, two-wheeled electric moped are ushering in the peak of changing vehicles. Behind the entry of many technology companies is the growth space behind the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry.

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Industry insiders believe that two-wheeled electric vehicle users have various travel scenarios, covering almost all aspects of life, work and leisure.


What is the intelligence of two-wheeled electric moped?


It refers to the use of Internet of Things, mobile communication, positioning, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technical means, through the installation of intelligent software and hardware and data interactive transmission system, so that two-wheeled electric moped have vehicle intelligence, vehicle control intelligence and data intelligence. , an intelligent product that satisfies users to obtain a more intelligent, efficient, convenient and safe two-wheeled electric vehicle travel experience in diversified travel scenarios.


At the demand level, with the improvement of residents' consumption level, the price sensitivity of users to two-wheeled electric moped has gradually increased, and the demand for intelligent two-wheeled electric moped has gradually increased;


At the technical level, with the maturity of basic technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, and mobile Internet, intelligent control system or solution providers have developed low-cost solutions with good integration and compatibility that are suitable for two-wheeled electric moped;


At the industrial level, the market growth space of the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry is narrowed, the industry profits are weak, and frequent price wars lead to mutual loss of enterprises. The development of intelligent products with high value and high technology content can achieve differentiated competition and produce better Sales volume and operating profit are important development directions for two-wheeled electric vehicle brand manufacturers.

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Industry insiders said that intelligence is an ongoing major trend in the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry.


The rapid development of China's two-wheeled electric moped, the rise of environmental protection concepts


From a policy perspective: the state proposes a series of industrial policies to support the development of the two-round green travel industry, and at the same time promulgates relevant laws and standards to regulate the two-round green travel industry. On the whole, China's two rounds of green travel industry-related policies are mainly encouraged and regulated, and the industry policy environment is good.


From a social perspective: low-carbon travel is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the maturity of the short-distance distribution service industry, and the consumption habits of the sharing economy have all become favorable factors for green two-wheel travel.


From a technical point of view: the level of motor, battery, and intelligence is constantly improving, especially the rapid penetration of intelligent technology, so that two-wheeled electric moped can be equipped with intelligent software and hardware and data interactive transmission system, with vehicle intelligence, vehicle control intelligence and data. Intelligent, satisfying users to obtain a more intelligent travel experience in a variety of travel scenarios.


Two-wheeled electric vehicle is one of the important ways for national green travel


Recently, at the "Seminar on High-Quality Development of Two-Wheel Green Travel" held in Beijing, Song Xianzhu, vice president of China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, said that two-wheeled electric moped have become one of the important ways for Chinese people to travel green.

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The "14th Five-Year" Development Plan for Comprehensive Transportation Services issued by the Ministry of Transport pointed out that about 100 cities will be selected to carry out green travel actions, and the proportion of green travel in more than 60% of them will reach 70% and the satisfaction rate of green travel services. not less than 80%. Two-wheeled electric vehicle travel is expected to make a greater contribution to the above goals.


Some experts also said that at this stage, the domestic two-round green travel market is developing rapidly, but the market still has the phenomenon of weak innovation, serious product homogeneity, and vicious competition in the regional market industry. The introduction of the "New National Standard" for two-wheeled electric moped will be conducive to the healthy development of the market.


With the increasing improvement of motor and battery technology, two-wheeled electric moped are equipped with intelligent software, hardware and data interactive transmission systems, so that cyclists can get a more intelligent, efficient, convenient and safe green travel experience, which makes two-wheeled electric moped more suitable for use. The future development potential is limitless.


Experts say that the future of urban green travel should be a structure in which green public transportation composed of subways and buses and personal and shared two-wheeled electric moped are matched with each other.