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How long does you electric moped battery last?

Friends who have bought a two wheel electric moped must have a deep understanding of this. Many friends who bought a car complained that they found out that the actual battery life and the advertised battery life at the time of purchase are two completely different numbers. Many people said that they were deceived. So what's going on? How to calculate the cruising range of a two wheel electric moped?


How long does electric moped last?


The mileage figure is actually just a figure for reference, and is actually restricted by many factors.


After I checked some information about the actual test of the cruising range of two wheel electric mopeds, I found that in fact, when testing the cruising range of two wheel electric mopeds, the pure two wheel electric moped was driven on a closed road at a constant speed under a fully charged state to test the cruising range. , in order to run a relatively beautiful result and the battery life value obtained. In this ideal state, this mileage value can be achieved.


When applied to real life, there are many uncontrollable factors, such as road conditions, driving speed control, driving habits and other interference factors that will lose battery power and thus affect the cruising range, so I want to use the process of daily riding. It is more difficult to open the official data.

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In other words, the official data on the cruising range of an two wheel electric moped is a reference value for consumers. You can refer to the purchase according to your own driving distance, so just look at the data and don’t take it too seriously.


Knowing this reason, how should we judge the cruising range when buying an two wheel electric moped?


In fact, the method is not difficult, a formula can be solved.


The two most direct factors that affect the battery life of an two wheel electric moped are the power of the battery and the motor. Only when these two items are clear can we estimate the battery life of two wheel electric mopeds.


First, let's talk about the battery capacity calculation.


Generally, most of the two wheel electric moped battery specifications on the market are 48V, 60V, and 72V, which represent the battery voltage. Generally, the words 48V12Ah or 48V20Ah will be written on the battery, the front number means "voltage", and the latter number means "capacity" or "current". When the voltage is constant, the greater the current, the stronger the power, and the higher the battery capacity.


The calculation method of battery capacity is: electric moped battery life = rated voltage X rated current


48V20Ah battery specification capacity 960W;

60V20Ah battery specification capacity 1200W;

72V32An battery specification capacity 2304W.


How is the motor power of an two wheel electric moped calculated? Yes, it is also a formula to solve.

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At present, the general electric moped battery life specification on the market is 48V with 350W and 400W motors, and the maximum driving speed is about 25KM;


The battery specification is 60V with 800W motor, and the maximum speed is about 40KM;


The electric moped battery life specification is 72V with a 1000W motor, and the maximum speed is around 45KM.


The calculation method of motor power is: two wheel electric moped driving time = (battery capacity wattage / motor power) total mileage = time * speed


The battery capacity is 48V20Ah, the motor is 400W, it can drive for 2.74 hours, and the cruising range is 60 kilometers;


The battery capacity is 60V20Ah, the motor is 800W, it can drive for 1.5 hours, and the cruising range is 60 kilometers;


The battery capacity is 72V32Ah, the motor is 1000W, it can travel for 2.3 hours, and the cruising range is 103.5 kilometers.


The above formula data can reflect the relevant data of the cruising range of two wheel electric mopeds. Of course, this is also one of many methods, and the influence of other factors cannot be completely ruled out, such as brake tightness, high speed, tire pressure, motor aging loss, etc.


Some friends may say: know the theory, but still won't buy it. The last little method is also given to you, everyone can buy a car according to this method.


First look at the motor.


Start to choose the factory-equipped motor. The motor power should be small. In the case of meeting the riding requirements, the speed of the 500W and 600W motors is similar. Try to choose the 500W motor for longer battery life.


Second look at the battery.


The battery specifications must meet the requirements. Generally, two wheel electric mopeds with a battery life of more than 60 kilometers must have at least a 48V20Ah battery.


Third, look at the weight of the vehicle.


The heavier the load of the two wheel electric moped, the higher the consumption of electricity. I want the car to run farther and carry less people and less cargo.


Fourth, look at the price.

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The so-called "you get what you pay for", if you want your two wheel electric moped to run farther, don't hesitate on the price. The quality of the battery configuration and various spare parts of the low-priced models will be slightly inferior. On the contrary, the high-priced ones will be of higher quality.


Some riders also questioned: the larger the battery, the longer the battery life, and the higher the motor power, the faster the power consumption, which will reduce the battery life, which is also a problem.