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How long will your electric moped last?
If I say that the most common means of transportation on the market today are electric moped, there should be no objection.


Whether it’s a delivery boy, a mother who picks up her children every day, or a commuter in a hurry, riding an electric bike makes time and distance no longer urgent and congested. It is more convenient than a bicycle, more nimble than a car, and weaving between the gaps of the streets. Compared with other means of transportation, electric moped have many advantages and can meet the travel needs of ordinary families.


The use of electric moped has become more and more widespread, and citizens have begun to care about the service life of electric moped at home. How long is the normal service life of an ordinary electric moped? Why some electric cars can be used for 5, 6 or even 10 years, but your electric car is scrapped in the first two years?


Some people ask: Can electric moped be used for 10 years?


Generally speaking, the normal service life of an electric moped is about 3-5 years, and the service life is related to the maintenance of the car. If your car is rarely ridden and maintained properly, it should be possible to use it for 10 years.

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What are the reasons that affect the length of time electric moped are used?


Some people think that the impact on the service life of electric moped is related to the battery, is that true? In fact, there are many factors that affect the length of use of electric moped, which mainly depend on two aspects, one is the quality of core components, and the other is the maintenance status of the entire vehicle.


For example, the core configuration of the motor, controller, panel, frame, etc. For these core configurations of electric moped, if one party is not maintained for a long time or is often in a state of wear and tear, it will greatly damage the electric moped, and over time, the service life will be shortened.


Take the frame of an electric moped as an example. The frame is the "pillar" that supports an electric moped. If this pillar is not reliable, the vehicle will not be able to support it. Frame materials are also different, ranging from high-strength carbon steel, lightweight aluminum alloys, cheap galvanized materials, and ordinary iron materials. The corrosion resistance and tensile strength of these different material frames are also different. Of course, the corresponding cost of different materials is also very different. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you buy electric moped from well-known brands, which will have some quality in the use of materials.


What is the electric moped daily maintenance?


Some inferior electric moped look exactly the same as the electric moped of regular brands, but the inside is indeed "a different scene".


The difference in the quality of electric moped lies in the quality of accessories. High-quality electric moped use good brand motors, while inferior models are often refurbished motors that can be refurbished for dozens of dollars. From the outside, there is not much difference, and it is difficult to distinguish in a short time. But when you ride for a long time, the quality is immediately obvious. This is also one of the reasons that determines the length of life of electric moped.


Motors, frames, controllers, disc brakes, front and rear shock absorbers are all durable goods configured for electric moped. The general life of high-quality materials can be used for 5-8 years, which is also the guarantee for the long service life of electric moped. Low-quality cars are generally not equipped with high-end accessories. Generally, after about 1-2 years of riding, various problems will appear, and the money spent on repairs is enough to exchange for a new electric car.


If you want to extend the life of your electric moped, maintenance is essential


If the electric moped is not properly cared for, the first impact is its battery life. After long-term use, the battery will be irreparably damaged, resulting in shortened battery life. Therefore, the length of the service life of electric moped, maintenance is indispensable.

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How to maintain electric moped in life? These everyday details can help us.


1. Regularly inspect and wipe and lubricate the front axle, center axle, flywheel, chain and other transmission components of the electric moped to prevent normal riding due to corrosion.


2. After each ride of the electric moped, no matter how much power is consumed, the battery must be charged. If your car is not used for a long time, you should also charge the battery once a month, which will help prolong the battery life.


3. Not only must know how to charge but also know how to discharge electric moped. It needs to be fully discharged and fully charged every month. And remember not to replace the original charger at will, it is recommended to charge in a ventilated place, and it is strictly forbidden to cover any foreign objects during charging.


4. Develop a good habit of starting with pedal assist as much as possible to reduce the chance of high-power discharge, which is good for the controller, motor and battery.


5. Electric moped cannot be placed outdoors for a long time. Pay attention to sun protection, rain protection and scratch resistance, and try to avoid bumpy and bumpy roads.


6. Regularly clean the electric car to reduce the friction damage caused by foreign objects to the surface of the car paint.


7. Try to avoid stomping on acceleration. When the car is starting, carrying people, or climbing a slope, it will cause an instantaneous high current discharge, which will easily lead to the formation of lead sulfate crystals and damage the physical properties of the battery plates.


As a common means of transportation, the length of use of electric moped also depends on personal riding and maintenance habits. So how many years have you been riding your electric bike?