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How to achieve accurate control of electric motorcycle?
The controller of electric motorcycle is not only the component to control the motor speed, but also the core of the electrical system of electric motorcycle. It is designed with multiple protection function control system, with undervoltage current limiting or overcurrent protection function.

The intelligent controller also has a variety of riding modes and self inspection functions of electrical components of the whole vehicle. The controller is the core part of energy management and signal processing of various controllers of electric motorcycle. It has the functions of stepless speed regulation, soft start, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection and brake power failure. The controller can protect the motor and battery of the electric motorcycle, make the current output in a controlled way, generate the required power, and do not burn the motor. At present, most electric bicycles developed in China use manual speed regulating handle to determine the power supply mode.

Tips: the main control board of the controller is the main circuit of the electric motorcycle, with large working current and large heat. Therefore, the electric motorcycle shall not be parked in the sun or exposed to the rain for a long time, so as to avoid controller failure.

When the electric motorcycle turns, the handle, brake handle and power assist sensor play a role. The rotating handle, brake handle and boost sensor are the signal input components of the controller.

The handle signal is the speed control signal of the electric motorcycle. The brake handle signal is an electrical signal output from the internal electronic circuit of the brake handle to the controller when the electric motorcycle brakes; After receiving this signal, the controller will cut off the power supply to the motor, so as to realize the brake power-off function.

The power assist sensor is a device that detects the pedal torque or pedal speed signal when the electric motorcycle is in the power assist state. The controller distributes different electric driving power to the motor according to the signal of the power assist sensor, so as to achieve the automatic matching of manpower and power and jointly drive the electric motorcycle to rotate.

The most important component that can drive the electric motorcycle at high speed is the motor. The electric motor is a component that converts the electric energy of the battery into mechanical energy and drives the wheel of the electric motorcycle to rotate. There are many kinds of motors used in electric motorcycles, including mechanical structure, speed range and power on form. Common are: Brush toothed wheel hub motor, brush toothless wheel hub motor, brushless toothless wheel hub motor, brushless toothed wheel hub motor and side hanging motor.

The instrument lamp instrument part is a combination of components that provide lighting and indicate the state of the electric motorcycle. The instrument generally provides battery voltage display, riding status display, lamp status display, etc. The intelligent instrument can also display the faults of various electrical components of the whole vehicle, find the problems of the electric motorcycle in time, and greatly increase the driving safety of the electric motorcycle.

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