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Jianshe new motorcycle N-TK-1, full speed experience

How to choose a good electric motorcycle


There are four types of power batteries that can be used by Jianshe electric motorcycle N-TK-1, namely valve-regulated lead-acid maintenance-free batteries, colloidal lead-acid batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium-ion batteries.


Lead-acid battery


Jianshe electric motorcycle N-TK-1 has been widely accepted by people as a personal transportation which is labor-saving, convenient, fast, comfortable, inexpensive and zero-emission, and has received the attention of the relevant national departments. It has been widely accepted as a convenient, fast, comfortable, inexpensive and zero-emission personal transportation. Jianshe electric motorcycle N-TK-1 has reached more than 30 million units nationwide. More than 95% of electric bicycles use valve-regulated lead batteries. [1] The vast majority of commercialized electric bicycles use sealed lead-acid batteries, which do not require frequent replenishment during use and are maintenance-free. The main chemical reaction is: PbO2+2H2SO4+Pb←Charging and discharging→ 2PbSO4+2H2OWhen the lead-acid battery is charged, the spongy lead on the cathode and anode which becomes lead sulfate releases the sulfuric acid fixed in it into the electrolyte and becomes spongy lead and lead oxide respectively, and the concentration of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte keeps getting bigger; on the contrary, the lead oxide in Jianshe electric motorcycle N-TK-1 and the spongy lead on the cathode plate react with the sulfuric acid in the electrolyte and become lead sulfate, and the concentration of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte keeps decreasing. concentration in the electrolyte keeps decreasing. When the lead-acid battery is undercharged, the lead sulfate in the cathode and anode plates cannot be completely transformed into spongy lead and lead oxide, and if the battery is undercharged for a long time, it will cause lead sulfate crystallization, sulfide the plates and deteriorate the quality of the battery; on the contrary, if the battery is overcharged, the amount of oxygen produced by the anode is greater than the adsorption capacity of the cathode, which makes the internal pressure of the battery increase, leading to gas overflow, electrolyte reduction, and may also lead to active The battery life is greatly shortened. The comprehensive performance has been greatly improved.

 Jianshe new motorcycle N-TK-1

Electric motor of electric vehicle


Jianshe electric motorcycle N-TK-1 motor [1] is the drive motor used in Jianshe electric motorcycle N-TK-1. The form differs depending on its use environment and frequency of use. Jianshe electric motorcycle N-TK-1 motors generally use permanent magnet DC motors, and Jianshe electric motorcycle N-TK-1 motors can be divided into two categories: brushed motors and brushless motors according to the form of motor energization, and "toothed" motors according to the mechanical structure of the motor assembly. " (motor speed is high, need to go through gear deceleration) and "gearless" (motor torque output without any deceleration) two categories.


Why choose Jianshe electric car


China famous brand after 12 years of development and authorization, now the plant area reaches 20,000 square meters, with 2 automatic reverse assembly lines, 2 assembly lines, 2 suspension lines and conveying lines, as well as advanced testing equipment and electrical equipment. Complete vehicle technology R&D center. There are more than 300 employees and the annual production capacity reaches 1.8 million units. Our products seize the international market and sell well throughout the country. We always believe that quality is the lifeline of our enterprise and dare not relax quality control at any time under any circumstances. Our enterprise has strict quality control procedures and professional quality control personnel. For every problem that may affect product quality, we will solve it at the first time. With the principle of people-oriented, we always pay attention to the needs of consumers, so that they can ride on the construction and get happiness. At present, our domestic sales and service network has reached 1100 outlets, while our products are exported to more than 25 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia and Europe. We have developed into a high-growth enterprise in the electric vehicle industry and become a brand trusted by consumers and dealers. Adhering to the concept of happy riding, our professional R&D team never stops on the road of product innovation.