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How to choose an electric bicycle?

Electric bicycles are a common tool for our daily travel. Compared with cars, they are very convenient. So how do we choose a suitable electric bicycle? Today I am going to discuss with you.

The first is the appearance of the electric bike. When you've identified a car, the first thing, of course, is to check the exterior. The craftsmanship and level of the paint directly affect the first impression of the car. The materials used for baking paint include primer, topcoat and varnish. Different brands of paint directly affect the final effect. Of course, we have no way to know the specific paint brand used by the vehicle when choosing a car, but we can judge the quality of the paint based on the effect of the paint. Generally speaking, a good baking paint has a transparent and bright surface, a deep and natural color, a smooth decal process, and an even paint coverage. Under the sun, the paint color is bright and colorful, and the shade is shaded, and the paint color is rich and textured. The most important point is to consider the anti-ultraviolet ability of the paint of the electric bicycle body. Many car models do not have anti-ultraviolet preparations added to the paint. The car will gradually fade after being exposed to the sun for a long time, especially the white paint, which is more prone to fading or discoloration. problem. Because such problems cannot be judged immediately, you can observe whether there is a fading problem in the show car of the car dealership and make a basic assessment.

The second is the internal workmanship of the electric bicycle. The structure of the electric bicycle is very simple. The basic units are the frame, plastic parts, shock absorption, battery, controller, and motor. The quality of the frame is particularly critical, and many users don't care much about the quality of the frame, because this part is difficult to observe. However, the quality of the frame directly determines the safety performance of the whole vehicle. 

Electric Bicycle

Here are several ways to verify the frame of an electric bicycle:

First, observe the welding level of the frame in the plastic parts of the vehicle. If there is false welding or de-soldering, it means that the quality of the frame is not ideal.

Secondly, observe whether the frame of the electric bicycle has traces of rust, because the frame needs a process called electrophoresis to prevent rust. Many frame manufacturers simply spray black paint without electrophoresis in order to control costs. If there is a problem of rust, it means that the electrophoresis quality of the frame is abnormal.

Finally, test the car, drive at high speed and then brake urgently to see if the frame shakes from side to side. Because the electric bicycle market is mixed, and the frame is hidden inside the vehicle and cannot be directly inspected, many manufacturers do not strictly control the quality of the frame. Choosing a good frame is very important to the whole vehicle. There is also a simple method. If the battery is removed from the whole vehicle, you can hold up the test weight. The heavier the vehicle, the more solid the material used, and the greater the possibility of better safety performance.

Shock absorption is a key component that affects comfort, and it is divided into front shock absorption and rear shock absorption. There are many ways to test the front shock absorption. Here is a common method. Ride on an electric bicycle, accelerate to the maximum quickly, and then suddenly brake the front. Because of the inertia of the vehicle itself, the front shock absorber will immediately compress. At this time, both hands firmly hold the brake lever The body presses down with the shock absorption force to sense whether the shock absorption is in the end. The test method for rear shock absorption can be to ride over some speed bumps or ridges, feel the comfort level through the rear seat, or press down the recoil cushion quickly in place to perceive the comfort level of shock absorption.

A good shock absorber should not only have a downward shock absorber function during compression, but also a shock absorber function when the shock absorber rebounds, rather than a hard and fast bounce. The performance of shock absorption directly affects the comfort level of the vehicle.

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