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How to choose an electric bike

The key to improving the internal quality of electric bicycles lies in: the motor, controller, charger and battery.The quality of four parts and the adaptability of four parts are very important to improve the performance of electric bikes.Because the battery, motor, charger and controller each have particular optimal operating parameters, we also select the four parts, requiring pay to pay attention to the best adaptability of the parameters between the four parts.Only the best adaptation, can make the four works play to the extreme.Extend the battery to the imp life driving vehicle performance.


Motor: In addition to the light electric tricycle to choose electric wheels, electric bicycle mainly choose low-power DC series motors.Overload capacity, more mature products.


 electric bike

Controller: electric bicycle is equipped with speed control handle (or speed control pedal) controller, make the motor control speed is very convenient, that is to say, the speed can adjust the driver controller also has many auxiliary functions: current limit protection, underpressure protection, soft start function, speed function, fault self-diagnosis function, etc.For these A control functions are not all in the market, consumers should pay special attention when buying.


Charger: The main function is to charge the battery of the electric bicycle, turn the AC power into the DC power, and control the current and voltage flowing into the battery storage.On p, it does not affect the battery life, mainly configured by the manufacturer to achieve the best charging effect.


Battery: A good battery should have the following requirements, 1. Good safety performance.In normal use, no electrolyte leakage, no battery expansion and rupture.2. Good discharge performance.This discharge voltage is stable and the discharge platform is flat.3. Good vibration resistance.The fully charged battery is fully fixed, the amplitude of 4mm,16.7HZ frequency vibration of 11 hours, no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, normal open circuit voltage.4. Good impact resistance.The fully charged battery naturally drops from 20 cm to a 1 cm thick hard plate column, with no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, and the open circuit voltage is normal.5. Over The discharge resistance is very good.At 25 degrees Celsius, the fully charged battery is discharged for 3 weeks (the resistance is only that required for the battery 1CA discharge), and the recovery capacity is greater than 75%.6. Charging resistance is good.At 25 degrees C, 0.1CA battery full charge for 48 hours, no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, normal open circuit voltage, capacity maintenance rate of more than 95%.