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How to effectively prevent the theft of electric bikes?
In recent years, electric bikes have become a means of transportation for ordinary people due to their advantages of speed, lightness and economy, and they have reached the scene of everywhere in the city. As the number increases year by year, the safety management of electric bikes comes along with it. The theft of electric bikes often occurs, causing great losses to users. So what are the precautions for this?

It is understood: At present, the methods of stealing cars are roughly divided into four types: power tools, hand tools and technical unlocking, and handling gangs. Among them, hand tools mainly use hacksaws, strong pliers, flat steel, cross steel, hammers and other tools; power tools generally use portable electric drills, electric cutting machines and other tools; technical unlocking and stealing mainly use lock cylinders Mainly, use tools such as master keys and steel wires; there is no need to pick locks on the spot to transport the stolen cars of the gang, as long as there is an electric tricycle or small freight vehicle, two or three accomplices can remove the fancy items at any time. The above methods do not exceed 30 seconds during the day and no more than 3 minutes at night. The methods are concealed and quick, and the success rate is high. So, how to effectively prevent the theft of electric bikes?

Here are five suggestions for you online:

Equipping with a high-quality and qualified car lock is the basic element to prevent electric bikes from being stolen. There are mainly four types of anti-theft locks for electric bikes that are commonly used at present: Cable locks: relatively firm and easy to lock the vehicle on a fixed object. But it is relatively thick and inconvenient to carry. U-shaped lock: The lock head is large in size, and the lock body is fixed and firm. But locking and unlocking is relatively inconvenient. Steel pipe lock: easy to use, low cost and high utilization rate. Brake anti-theft lock: derived from ordinary locks, it combines brake pads with anti-theft locks to realize the integration of axle brakes and anti-theft locks.


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There are many manufacturers of locks for electric bikes. According to statistics, there are more than 200 common in the market. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the following five aspects:

1. Buy products produced by companies with high reputation, stable product quality and good after-sales service;

2. When purchasing, pay attention to check whether the packaging and logo of the product are complete, whether the content of the manual is complete, and whether it can guide the installation of the lock;

3. Pay attention to the appearance quality of the lock, including whether the electroplating surface is uniform in color, whether there is rust, bottom exposure, oxidation, etc.;

4. Pay attention to check the flexibility of the lock, whether the key can be inserted naturally, and whether the lock beam can be closed and opened naturally;

5. Check the weight of the lock and whether the material used is real.

At the same time, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points when locking the car:

1. Do not use the car locks given by the car dealer when you buy the car. According to the investigation, most of the locks given are inferior locks, which cost more than ten yuan each, and can be opened by tapping twice on the lock with a hammer.

2. Use two locks with different principles at the same time: The main means of unlocking and stealing for electric car thieves is nothing more than strong pliers and cutting anti-theft locks or car locks. Generally, thieves will only bring one kind of good tool, so install two on the car at the same time. Different types of locks are an effective anti-theft measure.

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