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How to extend the service life of electric bicycles?

Ways to extend the life of an electric bike:

1. Prohibition of power-loss idle

It is strictly forbidden to be in a state of power loss when storing electric bicycle batteries. The state of power deficit means that the battery of the electric bicycle is not charged in time after use. Storing the battery in a power-deficient state is prone to sulfation, and the lead sulfate crystals adhere to the plate, which will block the ion channel, resulting in insufficient charging and a decrease in battery capacity. The longer the idle time in the power-loss state, the more serious the damage to the battery. Therefore, when the electric bicycle battery is not in use, it should be replenished once a month, which can better maintain the battery health.

2. Regular inspection

During the use of an electric bicycle, if the continuation mileage of the electric bicycle suddenly drops by more than ten kilometers in a short period of time, it is very likely that there is a problem with at least one battery in the battery pack. At this time, you should go to the sales center or the maintenance department of the agent for inspection, repair or matching. This can relatively prolong the life of the battery pack and save your expenses to the greatest extent.

3. Avoid high current discharge

When electric bicycles start, carry people, or go uphill, try to avoid slamming and accelerating, resulting in instantaneous large current discharge. High current discharge easily leads to the formation of lead sulfate crystals, which damages the physical properties of the battery plates.

Fourth, correctly grasp the charging time

In the process of using electric bicycles, the charging time should be accurately grasped according to the actual situation, and the charging frequency should be grasped with reference to the usual frequency of use and mileage. During normal driving, if the red light and yellow light of the power meter are on, it should be charged; if only the red light is left, stop running and charge as soon as possible, otherwise the battery life will be seriously shortened by excessive discharge. After the battery is fully charged, the running time is short, and the charging time should not be too long. Otherwise, overcharging will occur and the battery will heat up. Overcharging, overdischarging, and undercharging can shorten battery life. In general, the average battery charging time is about 10 hours. During the charging process, if the battery temperature exceeds 65°C, the charging should be stopped.

5. Prevent sun exposure

Electric bicycles are strictly forbidden to be exposed to the sun. An environment with excessively high temperature will increase the internal pressure of the battery and cause the battery to lose water, causing a decrease in battery activity and accelerating the aging of the plates.

6. Avoid the plug heating when charging

Looseness of the 220-volt power plug or charger output plug, oxidation of the contact surface, etc. will cause the plug to heat up. Excessive heating time will cause short circuit or poor contact of the electric bicycle plug, damage the charger and battery, and bring you unnecessary losses. Therefore, when the above situation is found, the oxide should be removed or the connector should be replaced in time.

7. Cleaning of electric bicycles

The cleaning of electric bicycles should follow the normal car washing method. During the cleaning process, attention should be paid to avoid water flowing into the charging socket of the car body and avoid short circuit of the body line.

Eight, often check the tire pressure

Keep tire pressure at the correct tire pressure; e-bike tire pressure must be checked every two weeks or at least monthly. The above are some of the ways to prolong the service life of electric bicycles organized by Huana for you. If you want to get more information, please follow us.