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How to maintain the battery of electric bicycle in winter?

Electric bicycles have become popular as a means of transportation, and people find that the battery capacity of electric bicycles shrinks significantly in winter compared to summer, or becomes difficult to charge, or even impossible to start. In fact, a lot of this is due to consumers ignoring the maintenance of batteries in winter. Today, the author will talk to you about the topic of how to maintain electric bicycle batteries in winter.

The best working environment temperature of conventional batteries is 15 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. Outside this temperature range, the normal operation of the battery will be affected, and the battery life will be shortened. A normal lead-acid battery can ensure that the longest driving distance of the vehicle is 50 kilometers. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, when the ambient temperature is -10 degrees Celsius, the battery's power cannot be released 100%. The mileage of a full charge in winter is longer than that in summer. A full charge will reduce the mileage a lot. Therefore, the maintenance of the battery is very important.

First of all, in terms of charging, every time you go home, no matter the length of use, you must charge the battery to keep the battery in a fully charged state. If the battery is not fully charged occasionally, it will have little effect on the battery. It produces a kind of "memory", which affects its continuation mileage and also consumes battery life. When charging, insert the battery plug first, then the power plug. When charging is over, unplug the power plug first, then the battery plug.

Electric Bicycle Battery

Secondly, start the electric bicycle to avoid high current discharge and reduce manned exercise. It is best to manually push or assist riding when climbing, otherwise it will cause great damage to the battery. If the vehicle will not be used for several weeks in the open air or in a cold storage, the battery should be removed and stored in a warmer room to prevent damage to the battery from freezing. And when the temperature is too low, the use time of the electric bicycle should be shortened as much as possible, and it should be charged in time. If you do not plan to use the battery car in winter, the battery should not be charged until the next year. Instead, the battery should be charged once every month to ensure the power storage capacity of the lead-acid battery and avoid acid spillage damage. Battery. The maintenance staff said that when maintaining the battery, remember to charge frequently and give more assistance.

After half a year of use, it is best to go to a professional maintenance point for battery maintenance, properly replenish the electrolyte of the battery, adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte, and check its storage status, maintain the specific gravity of the battery electrolyte, and increase the charge if necessary. frequency. At the same time, it is also important to clean the terminals of the battery and apply special grease to protect them, which can ensure the reliability of the electric bicycle when starting and prolong the life of the battery.


Winter electric bicycle battery maintenance method:

1. Try to charge in a high temperature environment.

Whether it is temporary parking or charging, try to choose a place with a relatively high temperature (such as underground parking lot, closed garage, etc.) if possible. This is conducive to improving the activity of the power battery, which can not only reduce the loss of cruising range, but also improve the efficiency of charging and save time.

2. Charge as needed, charge after use

Due to the low temperature in winter, when the power battery cells are lower than 0 degrees Celsius, the system will automatically heat the battery cells first, and when the temperature of the battery cells reaches above 5 degrees Celsius, the vehicle will really start to charge.

The above is the small method HuaNa has compiled for you on how to maintain electric bicycles in winter. If you are interested, please continue to pay attention to us.