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How to prevent electric bicycles from catching fire?
In recent years, the number of electric bicycles has continued to increase. While bringing convenience to people's travel, the fire accidents caused by electric bicycles are shocking, threatening the safety of people's lives and property. Why do electric bicycles catch fire? How to prevent electric bike fires?

The main reasons for the fire of electric bicycles:

1. The quality of electrical components, circuit design and installation are not enough. According to statistics, 77% of the spontaneous combustion of electric bicycles occurred during the charging process. The inferior charger did not turn on the light and continued to charge, causing the electric bicycle to spontaneously ignite.

2. If the charging line is aging and faulty, the long charging cable used, the socket board is not up to standard or the power is low, the leakage protection switch is not installed, and the use of a charger that does not match the electric bicycle will bury potential safety hazards.

3. The circuit layout is not standardized. Some enterprises did not choose the appropriate wire diameter line according to the requirements, the line connectors do not have waterproof, moisture-proof and other functions, the sales and maintenance personnel did not make reasonable wiring, and the virtual welding caused the bumpy line of the vehicle to break away from the ignition. Risk of spontaneous combustion.

4. The charging behavior is unsafe. Privately pulling and randomly connecting temporary wires, pulling "flying cables" from indoors to charging electric bicycles outdoors, placing electric bicycles in corridors or pushing them home for charging, these behaviors are likely to cause fires, and even cause heavy casualties and property losses.

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Measures to prevent fires caused by electric bicycles:

To prevent electric bicycle fires, we must first keep in mind the "five nos" principle: do not use aging circuits, check circuits regularly, and replace them in time; do not disassemble electric bicycle chargers without permission; do not use chargers that are not suitable for electric bicycles to charge; do not save trouble Choose to charge at night to avoid overcharging and cause the battery to ignite;

1. Purchase qualified electric bicycle products. Purchase and use electric bicycles and batteries of qualified product quality, choose regular stores for maintenance, and promptly report the illegal sales of electric bicycles and accumulators, chargers and other accessories products of unknown sources such as unqualified certificates, no factory name, etc. Complaints, boycott the use of substandard products, and protect their legitimate rights and interests.

2. Do not dismantle or modify original accessories without authorization. Do not modify original accessories, peripheral battery brackets, remove key accessories such as speed limiters, etc., to ensure your own safety.

3. Standardize parking and charging behavior. Do not park electric bicycles for charging on evacuation passages such as the hallway of the building, or take batteries home for charging. Resist unsafe behaviors such as "entering buildings and households" and elevators for electric bicycles, and report violations of laws and regulations to relevant departments in a timely manner. Try to use public charging facilities to charge during the day. When the battery is discharged to 70%~80%, it should be charged in time. Generally, it is advisable to charge the battery for 6 to 8 hours in summer and 8 to 10 hours in winter. The battery should not be over-discharged.

4. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of parts. If the electric bicycle is used for half a year to one year, go to the maintenance point to check the whole vehicle line. The service life of ordinary batteries in electric bicycles is 1.5 to 2.5 years. It is recommended that users replace batteries regularly, and must go to regular stores to buy matching batteries, and do not choose inferior batteries.

5. Finally, remind everyone to buy electric bicycles that have a certificate of conformity, indicate the implementation of the "Technical Specification for Electric Bicycle Safety" (GB17761-2018), and pass the "CCC" certification. If you find that the production and sales of electric bicycles that do not meet the new national standards or have not obtained the "CCC" certification certificate, please call the hotline to report.


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