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How to prolong the service life of electric bicycle battery

Now we will introduce to the majority of users the experience of the technical service department of Jianshe company in maintaining lead-acid batteries in recent years and how to prolong the service life of electric bicycle batteries.

How to charge electric bicycle correctly

Electric bicycles should be charged frequently to avoid "deep discharge". When riding an electric vehicle, you should develop the habit of charging on the same day. No matter how far you ride every day, you'd better fill up the battery. Don't wait for it to run out before charging.

When the battery is charged on the electric bicycle, the switch lock shall be closed. Do not charge the battery upside down. Try to charge it at one time. If there is peculiar smell or the battery temperature is too high during charging, stop charging immediately and send it to the nearest maintenance point for maintenance. When removing the battery for charging, do not touch both ends of the electrode with wet hands or keys to avoid burns.

When the electric bicycle is not used for a long time, it should be charged every month. It should be stored after the battery is fully charged. It should not be stored in the state of power loss. When charging, use the supporting special charger. Due to different battery formulas and processes, the technical requirements for chargers are also different. Which charger can be charged and which brand of battery can be charged are different. Therefore, do not mix chargers.

In order to protect the battery, users can charge as they use it, but they can't drive with the rising voltage to prevent serious power loss. When the battery is dead, turn off the power supply and ride.

When the electric bicycle is charged, when the charging indicator shows full power, do not stop charging immediately, but float charging for another 2-3 hours. Frequent charging means to develop the habit of charging at any time. Don't wait until the electricity is used up, so as not to shorten the service life of the battery due to "deep discharge", and don't charge when the battery is upside down.

How to repair the battery of electric bicycle

When there is a problem with the battery of the electric bicycle, the appearance inspection shall be carried out first to find out the acid leakage part. Open the panel to see if the safety valve has traces of acid leakage, and then open the safety valve to observe whether there is flowing electrolyte inside the battery. If no abnormality is found after the above work, the air tightness test shall be carried out (put it into water for pressurization and inflation, and observe whether there are bubbles. If there are bubbles, it indicates acid seepage and liquid leakage). Finally, during the charging process, observe that there is flowing electrolyte, and it shall be extracted.

Correct use and maintenance of the battery of electric bicycle can improve the service life of electric vehicle and battery range. If you have any questions, please consult Jianshe company.


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