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How to use electric bicycle correctly in daily life

Electric bicycle plays a very important role in life,but how to use electric bicycle to prolong its service life?JIANSHE will tell you some methods.

Avoid overweight

First of all,do not overload or drive overweight(such as riding with people or loading heavy objects).When the instrument shows that the power is insufficient during driving,ride manually,because deep discharge has a great loss on the battery life.

Pay attention to the charging method

When the new battery is charged for the first time,it must take a long time to ensure that it will be fully charged.For lead-acid batteries,regardless of the distance,they should be charged immediately after use.They should not be charged until the power is completely exhausted.If the car is not used for a long time,it should also be guaranteed to replenish power once a month.This can not only protect the battery,but also prolong its service life.

Prevent exposure to the sun

Exposure to sunlight will increase the temperature of the battery,increase the activity of various active substances of the battery,and affect the service life of the battery.

Try to avoid sudden braking

Frequent emergency braking will affect the brake flexibility and consume battery capacity;The speed should not be too fast.The faster the speed,the greater the loss of the battery.

Avoid long-term power loss

Power loss state means that the battery is not charged in time after use.Sulfation occurs in the power loss state,and the lead sulfate crystal is attached to the electrode plate,blocking the electric ion channel,resulting in the decrease of battery capacity.The longer the power loss state is idle,the more serious the battery damage is.Especially in summer,be sure to charge in time.The storage time shall be replenished every more than one month.

Avoid direct start at standstill

Don't start the electric bicycle directly with the motor when it is still.It's best to step on it and help it at the same time.When driving on the bridge,uphill and against the wind,be sure to use the pedal to help,so as to avoid impact damage to the battery and affect the driving mileage and service life of the battery.

Prevent short circuit

Special care shall be taken during installation or use,and insulation measures shall be taken for the tools used.When connecting,connect the electrical appliances other than the battery first,check that there is no short circuit,and finally connect the battery.The wiring specification shall be well insulated to prevent overlapping and compression from cracking.

In addition,in the process of electric bicycle driving,attention should be paid to:when starting,getting on the bridge,climbing,or driving against the wind,manpower should be supplemented to avoid instantaneous high current discharge as far as possible;When acceleration is required,rotate the speed control handle slowly to avoid directly accelerating to the fastest gear;If the road conditions permit,make the electric bicycle run at the highest speed as far as possible;Try to avoid frequent braking and starting,and use pedal to drive when the road is crowded;The power display shows that the battery has run out of power.After a period of time,you will find that the battery has a small amount of voltage,which is called rebound voltage.Users should avoid riding with this rebound voltage.


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