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Huana automatic electric motorcycle

An electric motorcycle is a type of electric vehicle that uses an electric battery to drive the motor to travel. The electric drive and control system consists of a drive motor, a power supply and a speed control device for the motor. The other devices of electric motorcycle are basically the same as those of internal combustion engine.


Product classification of Huana automatic electric motorcycle


Electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycle

Motorcycles that are powered by electricity. There are two types of motorcycles: electric two-wheelers and electric three-wheelers.

Huana automatic electric motorcycle

Structure of Huana automatic electric motorcycle

The electric motorcycle is powered by a power source that provides electrical energy to the electric motor, which converts the electrical energy from the power source into mechanical energy to drive the wheels and work unit through the transmission or directly. Today, the most widely used power source on electric vehicles is the lead-acid battery, but with the development of electric vehicle technology, the lead-acid battery is gradually being replaced by other batteries due to its lower specific energy, slower charging speed and shorter life span. The application of new power sources is being developed, which opens up a broad prospect for the development of electric vehicles.


Huana automatic electric motorcycle related regulations


Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau and Shenzhen Transportation Commission issued a "Notice on the prohibition of electric bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles with power devices on some roads in the city" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft"), decided to implement from June 6 to December 5, 2011. "Restriction of electricity" that sparked strong public concern and questions, especially water delivery, courier and other industries are opposed to the sound. In the "notice" launched less than half a month, the Shenzhen Municipal Traffic Police Bureau to the National People's Congress is on the issue of electric vehicles for legislative reasons, temporarily shelved the implementation of the notice. This is the end of the "Electricity Restriction Fiasco".


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