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JIANSHE new electric bicycle EB3, wind speed

About the electric bicycle, with its convenience, flexibility, cost effectiveness has achieved a lot of loyal fans, up to Harden, down to you and me. But at the same time, because of the confusion of industry management, standards and policies around the loosening and tightening, resulting in the most controversy, many accidents as long as they encounter electric bicycles, there will be people raised, asking for identification, as long as the identification of the other party is a motor vehicle, no license, the accident is the other side of the full responsibility, in fact, this theory is untenable, but also to many people will play a misleading role. This time we'll talk about electric bicycles, as a way to pay off the previous article owed to Know Your Friends.


A brief overview of electric bicycles


New National Standard: A two-wheeled bicycle that uses an on-board battery as an auxiliary energy source, has the ability to ride on foot, and can be electrically assisted or/and electrically driven.

Old National Standard: A special bicycle with two wheels and a battery as an auxiliary energy source, capable of human riding, electric or electric drive.

Comment: The new national standard will be implemented, so all electric bicycles that can be licensed must have a pedal function. However, if you come across an electric bicycle without pedal function, it does not mean that it is a motor vehicle, or that it must be responsible in an accident. It does not mean that it does not meet the national standard, i.e. the safety performance is not up to standard, but there is usually no causal relationship between not having pedal function and the accident, just because an e-bike is equipped with pedal, the accident will not happen. There is a difference between this and not meeting the national standard for brakes and not meeting the national standard for safety performance.


Technical Requirements for Electric Bicycles


Analysis: The new national standard for electric bicycle speed and overall vehicle quality have been improved, on the one hand, due to the practical needs of consumers who want a higher, faster and stronger electric bicycle. On the other hand, the safety requirements for vehicles are also higher, including lighting, the old national standard only reflector requirements, but now requires not only reflector, but also front and rear lights, which is very good for night riding electric bicycle whether to see the road or let the rear of the car attention, and the new national standard also provides speed over 15km / h after the sound. This is derived from the "Road Traffic Safety Law" Article 58: motorized wheelchair vehicles for the disabled, electric bicycles in non-motorized roads, the maximum speed shall not exceed fifteen kilometers per hour.


Identification of the properties of electric bicycles


After many accidents, people ask for attribute identification on the basis of whether the vehicle is a motor vehicle or not. Although vehicle attributes are one of the factors considered in an accident, I personally do not recommend focusing only on this point. First of all, the main consideration of the cause of the accident is still the right-of-way principle. Secondly, the current non-motorized vehicle management is in the fumbling stage, and many local regulations for the registration of electric bicycles have not been implemented, so much so that many local policies have been put in place, and transitional policies have been introduced for electric bicycles that exceed or do not meet the national standard, because the national standard for electric bicycles is only an industry standard, and the legal effect of local regulations is definitely greater than the industry standard, so whether the identification can be done are is the problem.


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