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JIANSHE new electric bike EB4, galloping like the wind

The history of electric bicycle development in China is generally recognized by the industry as three stages of development: the primary stage of electric bicycle, the initial production scale stage, and the super-speed development stage.

The primary stage of electric bicycle is also called the early experimental production stage of electric bicycle, in terms of time, that is, from 1995 to 1999.


Introduction of core components of electric bicycle


The motor is the core component of an electric bicycle. Its performance affects the power, speed, range, and wading ability, but generally speaking, as long as the motor is of good quality, it is not easily damaged and is usually used for a few years without problems.

There are many kinds of electric bicycle motors, power supply, brush or brushless, installation location, and so on, we do not need to figure out all of them, a single motor classification and technical research can write a long story. Different motors have their own advantages, for example.

Low-speed brushed motors are commonly used in low-priced cars, affordable, the defect is the uphill and start strength is small.

Brushed and toothed motor force is large, heavy, with children on the slope are not effortless.

Brushless motors have low noise, long life, and high cost.

Electric car motor due to the use of the environment, there is a very important point is the waterproof performance, look at the following rusty motor, waterproof performance is very poor, the motor can go wrong at any time.

Batteries are divided into lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, which we all know better.

Lead-acid batteries are large, heavy quality, cheap, recyclable, charge and discharge times, relatively short life, be sure to pay attention to new batteries and maintenance batteries.

Lithium battery is small, light weight, high cost, charge and discharge times some can be as high as thousands of times, more suitable for the new national standard car, especially for the long range needs of the model, requiring greater electric capacity, lead-acid in the volume and weight can not meet the requirements of the new national standard.

The well-known brands of traditional electric car batteries are: Tianneng, Chaowei, Xingheng, Xupai, Haibao, etc. The custom batteries advertised by some famous car factories are generally designed and processed by these battery factories on behalf of them.


Electric car purchase considerations

 JIANSHE new electric bike EB4

Choose a regular brand, the regular brand model has industry standards, the model is beginning with TD.

Choose a store near you to contact the target model, see for yourself, prepare questions, and consult the store more.

Refer to factors such as motor, battery, brakes, tires and frame in this article to identify the general condition of a car.

When buying offline, there are too many incidents of civeting, so be sure to take out the product certificate, check whether the vehicle code and motor code are consistent, check whether the battery condition is brand new, and check whether it has 3C certification.

When buying online, buy in self-owned or flagship stores, pay attention to recent activities, electric vehicles often have deals and discounts.

If you don't know anything, just look at the warranty time. The warranty time for each part is different, compare the models, the longer the warranty, the better the parts used and the longer the life.


Experience with electric bicycles


Helmets are large, generally can not be put into the car storage box, can only be hung in the car, open-air parking, in case of rainy days, it is sure to get wet, the car with a few plastic bags, can fit the kind of helmet, will not be wet.

At present, our domestic sales and service network of JIANSHE electric vehicles has reached 1100 outlets, while our products are exported to more than 25 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia and Europe. Our company has developed into a high-growth enterprise in the electric vehicle industry and become a brand trusted by consumers and dealers.


Adhering to the concept of happy riding, the company's professional R&D team never stops on the road of product innovation.