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JIANSHE new electric bike EB5, full speed safety

The electric bicycle is a mechatronic personal transportation system that uses a battery as an auxiliary energy source on the basis of an ordinary bicycle, and is equipped with a motor, a controller, a battery, a handlebar gate and other manipulation parts and a display instrumentation system.


Components of an electric bicycle

 JIANSHE new electric bike EB5


The charger is a device that replenishes the battery with electrical energy, and is generally divided into two charging modes: two-stage charging mode and three-stage charging mode. Two-stage charging mode: The charging current decreases gradually as the battery voltage rises, and after the battery power is replenished to a certain level, the battery voltage will rise to the set value of the charger, and then it is converted to trickle charging. Three-stage charging mode: when charging starts, constant current charging first, quickly replenish energy to the battery; wait for the battery voltage to rise and then switch to constant voltage charging, at this time the battery energy will slowly replenish and the battery voltage will continue to rise; when the charger's charging termination voltage value is reached, switch to trickle charging to maintain the battery and supply the battery self-discharge current.


The battery is the accompanying energy source that provides the energy of the electric bicycle. The electric bicycle mainly uses a combination of lead-acid batteries. In addition, NiMH and Li-ion batteries have also been used in some light folding e-bikes.

Tips: The main controller board is the main circuit of the e-bike, which has a large working current and will emit a large amount of heat. Therefore, don't park your e-bike in the sun and don't get wet for a long time to avoid controller failure.


The controller is the part that controls the motor speed and is the core of the electric bicycle electrical system, with under voltage, current limit or over current protection. The intelligent controller also has a variety of riding modes and self-test functions for the electrical components of the whole bike. The controller is the core component of the electric bicycle energy management and various control signal processing.

Turnbuckle and gate

Turnbuckle and gate are the signal input parts of the controller. Turnbuckle signal is the driving signal of the electric bicycle motor rotation. The gate signal is an electrical signal output from the electronic circuit inside the gate to the controller when the electric bicycle brakes; after the controller receives this signal, it will cut off the power supply to the motor, thus realizing the brake power-off function.


Common sense of electric bicycle purchase


1. Choose a brand. Pay attention to choose a brand with high reputation, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

2. Pick a model. Different models, their safety and performance vary greatly. It is recommended to buy simple and light type.

3. Look at the appearance. Pay attention to the surface finish, gloss, pay attention to the quality of welding, painting, plating.

4. Find the feeling. Test ride, feel the vehicle start, acceleration, driving is smooth, the vehicle handling is comfortable, check the brake tightness, handlebar flexibility, wheel mobility.

5, check the procedures. Check the production license, instruction manual, certificate of conformity is valid and complete, check whether the vehicle with accessories are complete. Pay special attention to whether the model is locally approved for licensing.

6. Look at the configuration. Relevant important parts, such as batteries, motors, chargers, controllers, tires, turning brakes, etc. whether the brand products. It is best to choose a brushless motor.


Technology development of electric bicycle


Chinese electric bicycles have been taking the lead in the world in the application of torque sensor technology and integrated circuit controller technology. Powerful enterprises are already applying integrated electronic and digital technology to the controller, motor valve control, charging control and other components.


We always believe that quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, and we dare not relax quality control at any time and under any circumstances. Our company has strict quality control procedures and professional quality control personnel. For every problem that may affect the quality of our products, we will solve it at the first time.