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JIANSHE new electric motorcycle, soft as water

The advantages of electric motorcycles compared with fuel cars

 JIANSHE new electric motorcycle

According to the development pattern of domestic automobiles, it is an inevitable trend that electric cars will replace fuel cars, so theoretically electric motorcycles will definitely replace fuel motorcycles, but in real life this phenomenon is difficult to achieve for the following reasons.

1. The use of the environment, to want to electric motorcycle like electric cars on the street, the first to solve the problem of motorcycle ban, otherwise there is no prerequisite for use, this state of ordinary people's means of travel will still be dominated by electric vehicles.

2. Technical specifications, electric vehicles, its biggest weakness is limited power, range is not enough, to solve these problems will have to improve the technology, improve the most direct impact of technology is to increase the cost, the cost increases, electric motorcycle will have little advantage, here we can take Tesla and traditional fuel cars for a comparison, for the general public regular fuel motorcycle will be more practical.


The riding effect of electric motorcycle measurement


In addition to the regular transportation of motorcycles, it is also a fun tool, the reason why it can have such diversity, in addition to more practical and flexible, the biggest reason lies in its mode of operation and sound performance, more likely to meet the playful needs of riders, we say the sense of excitement comes from this. And electric cars obviously do not have this advantage.

4. Practical use, in the actual use of the motorcycle will inevitably climb the slope ride, and will also carry a heavy load ride, such use state, electric motorcycle will have a good speed and speed, but it is still not enough power reserve, so the electric motorcycle simply can not meet the needs of mountain use.


Things to consider when buying an electric motorcycle


Since the implementation of the new national standard, people often worry that the new national standard 25 km per hour electric bicycle can not meet their own needs, so people have turned their attention to the electric motorcycle, because the new national standard electric motorcycle is not only fast, range far, the most important thing is to carry a person, the only trouble is that the user needs to go to driving school to test aê book, in order to drive.

With a car book, of course, you have to buy a car! But electric car motorcycle from the appearance of most of the super standard electric car is not very different, inexperienced white users difficult to distinguish, so how to select the regular electric motorcycle?

01 Recognize the 3C compulsory certification mark

Now electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and other products also implement the 3C national compulsory certification of electrical appliances, all factory products must be printed with the 3C logo, otherwise they are illegal products. 3C certification

3C certification is a whole and systematic project, the motor, battery, charger, tires and many other major accessories must be 3C certification standards, in order to meet the basic certification conditions, followed by the entire vehicle certification. After passing the vehicle certification, a 3C certification will be issued and the model can be legally sold in the market.

02 Recognize brands with electric motorcycle qualifications

Dealers face greater business risks in the electric motorcycle business. Due to the high entry threshold for electric motorcycle production, the electric motorcycle qualification is the core when dealers choose an electric motorcycle brand, without the electric motorcycle qualification, it is impossible to apply for the electric motorcycle product catalog announcement, and the car sold naturally cannot be on the road.

03 Recognize those that can be licensed as motor vehicles

All electric motorcycles sold on the market must be in the "Road Motor Vehicle Production Bulletin and Product Catalog" published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Public Security's motor vehicle license plate is also based on this catalog. They have the legal right of way and may be driven on the road normally.

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