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Main components of electric bicycle

Electric bicycle refers to a mechatronic personal vehicle with battery as auxiliary energy and installed with motor,controller,battery,handle,brake handle and display instrument system on the basis of ordinary bicycle.Its main components include the following.

Electric bicycle charger

Charger is a device to supplement electric energy to the battery.It is generally divided into two-stage charging mode and three-stage mode.Two stage charging mode:first charge at constant voltage,and the charging current gradually decreases with the increase of battery voltage.After the battery power is supplemented to a certain extent,the battery voltage will rise to the set value of the charger,and then it will be converted to trickle charging.Three stage charging mode:at the beginning of charging,charge with constant current first to quickly supplement energy to the battery;After the battery voltage rises,it turns to constant voltage charging.At this time,the battery energy is slowly supplemented and the battery voltage continues to rise;When the charging termination voltage of the charger is reached,it is switched to trickle charging to maintain the battery and supply the self discharge current of the battery.

Electric bicycle battery

Battery is the on-board energy to provide electric vehicle energy.Electric vehicles mainly use lead-acid battery combination.In addition,Ni MH batteries and lithium-ion batteries have also been used in some portable folding electric vehicles.

Tips for use:the main control board of the controller is the main circuit of the electric vehicle,which has large working current and will emit large heat.Therefore,the electric vehicle shall not be parked in the sun or exposed to the rain for a long time,so as to avoid controller failure.

Electric bicycle controller

The controller is not only the component to control the motor speed,but also the core of the electric vehicle electrical system.It has the functions of undervoltage,current limiting or overcurrent protection.The intelligent controller also has a variety of riding modes and self inspection functions of electrical components of the whole vehicle.The controller is the core component of electric vehicle energy management and various control signal processing.

Electric bicycle power assist sensor

The power assist sensor is a device for detecting the pedal force return speed signal when the electric vehicle is in the power assist state.According to the electric driving power,the controller can achieve the automatic matching of manpower and electricity to jointly drive the electric vehicle to rotate.The most popular boost sensor is the center axle bilateral torque sensor.Its product feature is that it can collect the pedal force on the left and right sides,and adopts the non-contact electromagnetic signal acquisition method,so as to improve the accuracy and reliability of signal acquisition.

Electric bicycle motor

The most important part of an electric bicycle is the motor.The motor of an electric bicycle basically determines the performance and grade of the car.Most of the motors used in electric bicycles are high-efficiency rare earth permanent magnet motors,which are mainly divided into three types:high-speed brush tooth+wheel reduction motor,low-speed brush motor and low-speed brushless motor.

The motor is a component that converts the electric energy of the battery into mechanical energy and drives the wheel of the electric vehicle to rotate.There are many kinds of motors used in electric vehicles in terms of mechanical structure,speed range and power on form.Common are:Brush toothed wheel hub motor,brush toothless wheel hub motor,brushless toothless wheel hub motor,brushless toothed wheel hub motor,high disk motor,side hanging motor,etc.


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