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Operation manual of special battery for electric motorcycle

The special battery for electric motorcycle is a fully sealed valve regulated (maintainable) battery with anti leakage design, large capacity, long service life, high sealing efficiency, safety and reliability and high specific energy. It can be placed in any direction (except for reverse buckle, but upright or upright use is advocated as far as possible).

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Application method of special battery for electric motorcycle

The battery can be directly loaded for use after it is discharged from the factory. However, in order to supplement the loss of capacity in storage, the user should recharge it before loading and before use. The method of recharging is to plug the on-board charger into the battery box and connect the power supply for 4-8 hours. The operation process of electric motorcycle is the electric process of battery. In order to avoid over discharge, the minimum protection voltage of each battery is 10.50v.

Charging method of special battery for electric motorcycle

It is recommended to use intelligent charger for charging, preferably three-stage charging with negative pulse depolarization at the same time. The first stage is constant current charging, with a charging current of 0.2c3. After complete discharge, it takes about 6 hours (depending on the amount of electricity used); The second stage is constant voltage charging, with a single voltage of 14.80v and negative pulse depolarization; The third stage is trickle charging, with a single voltage of 13.8V and a current of 300mA → 0. The charging is completed.

Precautions for special battery for electric motorcycle

It is strictly prohibited to overcharge, under charge and over discharge the battery during use. The on-board charger must have sufficient accuracy and voltage stabilizing performance to protect the battery from damage. When the vehicle is not in use, it shall be stored with sufficient electricity and supplemented once a month to avoid long-term power loss leading to sulfation of the electrode plate and shortening the service life.

The battery shall not be close to the open fire or high-temperature heat source, and the battery shall not be thrown into the fire to avoid explosion; Direct exposure to the sun is strictly prohibited. The battery charging environment must be ventilated and breathable. During charging, the battery must not be placed upside down. The ambient temperature is between 10-30 . During charging, the temperature of the battery shall not exceed 45 . When the temperature rises close to 40 , try to cool the battery.

If the battery shell is found broken or leaking, replace it with a new battery to avoid acid corrosion. The electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid solution, which is corrosive. If it touches the skin and clothes, it must be washed with clean water immediately. Maintenance method: when the service life of the battery is about to end (the capacity is reduced by about 30%), the battery can be sent to a professional maintenance station for maintenance, so as to restore its capacity and prolong its service life. Users should not disassemble it without permission to avoid unnecessary trouble.


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