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Overall structure of electric bicycle

Basic structure of electric bicycle

We know that electric bicycle is a special bicycle with battery as auxiliary energy and two wheels,which can realize manual cycling.Electric or electric assisted function.Although it has the appearance characteristics of ordinary bicycle(even the appearance characteristics of motorcycle)But the main thing is that it is an electromechanical personal vehicle based on ordinary bicycles.It is equipped with motor,controller,battery,handle,brake handle and other operating components and display instrument system.Different types of vehicles have different battery placement positions and controller forms.

Electric bicycle charging mode

The charger is a device for charging energy to the battery,which is generally divided into two-stage charging mode and three-stage charging mode.

Two stage charging mode:first charge at constant voltage.The charging current decreases gradually with the increase of battery voltage.After the battery power is supplemented to a certain extent,the battery voltage will rise to the set value of the charger.At this time,it will be converted to trickle charging.

Three stage charging mode:at the beginning of charging,charge with constant current first and quickly supplement energy to the battery;After the battery voltage rises,it changes to constant voltage charging.At this time,the battery power is slowly supplemented,and the battery voltage continues to rise;When the charging termination voltage of the charger is reached,it is switched to trickle charging to maintain the battery and supply the self discharge current of the battery.

The charger adopts three-stage automatic conversion mode of constant current,constant voltage and floating charge to protect the battery and effectively prolong the battery life.Tips:keep the charger well ventilated when charging.If you smell peculiar smell or the charger shell temperature is too high during charging,please stop charging immediately,check and deal with it.

Battery of electric bicycle

Battery is the on-board energy that provides the energy of electric bicycle.At present,electric bicycle mainly adopts lead-acid battery combination.In addition,NiMH batteries and lithium-ion batteries have also been used in some portable folding electric bicycles.There are three main types of batteries for electric bicycles,namely small sealed maintenance free lead-acid batteries,nickel cadmium batteries and nickel hydrogen batteries.Small sealed maintenance free lead-acid batteries are widely used by domestic enterprises because of their high cost and large capacity.

The above is a brief introduction to the overall structure of electric bicycle.If you have other questions or want to buy,please log in to JIANSHE's official website for consultation.


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