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Precautions for the use of electric motorcycles

The biggest advantage of electric motorcycles is convenience. No matter where we go, we can ride electric motorcycles without looking for a parking space. So today, the author will tell you about several precautions in the use of electric motorcycles in daily life.

Point 1: Park in a dedicated lane

Electric motorcycles are non-motorized vehicles. You should not park your electric motorcycles on motor vehicle lanes, or drive on motor vehicle lanes. These are all violations of traffic rules. Once you encounter any problems, you need to bear them yourself.

The second point: do not park in a high temperature environment

In summer, the temperature is very high, and some people park their electric motorcycles in the sun. Exposure to high temperature for a long time not only has a great impact on the tires, but also has an impact on the battery, because the most suitable temperature for the battery is 25 degrees. reduce.

Third point: do not use fast charging

We'd better charge at home, because the power supply voltage at home is stable, if you use fast charging, the problem will be bigger. The huge voltage will have a great stimulus to your battery, why so many people's electric motorcycle batteries are easily damaged, often because of fast charging.

Fourth point: don't drive in the opposite direction

Many people may drive in the opposite direction for convenience. They think that they are an electric motorcycle, so there should be nothing wrong with being flexible, but once something happens, it will be too late, so don't risk your life. joke.

Electric Motorcycle

Fifth point: it is best to use the original charger

When we charge electric motorcycles, it is best to use our own original charger. If your charger is broken, it is best to use an original one instead of someone else's charger. Because the model brand does not match, it will also affect the battery.

Sixth point: Do not overload

Not only electric motorcycles need to do this, but cars and trucks also need to do this, don't overload, otherwise once you encounter an emergency, you won't have time to react at all, and it will lead to a car accident, which is very dangerous .

Seventh point: charge in a constant temperature environment

This point must be noted, especially in summer and winter, the temperature is too high or too low, it will have a great impact on it, if you do not want your battery to be scrapped in advance, it is best to be at a suitable temperature Next to charge the electric motorcycle.

Point 8: Don't rush to the brakes

When driving an electric motorcycle, it is best to maintain a constant speed and do not brake suddenly. Because every time you brake hard, the battery will release a very large amount of power, and if you brake repeatedly, the power will be released completely, then you can't continue driving.

Author's opinion: The above points are for all electric motorcycle owners, and I hope they can be helpful to everyone. Everyone must buy an electric motorcycle for more convenience, so these points must be kept in mind, otherwise the life of the electric motorcycle will be greatly shortened. I believe that everyone does not need to encounter such a situation.

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