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Two small knowledge of electric motorcycles

1. Are lithium batteries better than lead-acid batteries?

Lead-acid battery electrodes are mainly made of lead, and the electrolyte is a sulfuric acid solution. Lithium battery is a battery using lithium alloy or lithium metal as anode material and using non-aqueous electrolyte solution. Lithium batteries are small in size and light in weight, but their single-unit capacity is twice that of lead-acid batteries, so they have better performance in terms of battery life and performance.

However, because the two-wheeled electric motorcycle needs to use a series battery pack, the complexity of its protection circuit is far more complicated than that of a single battery pack such as a mobile phone and a notebook electric motor, which leads to a great increase in the cost of materials. The cost of a good lithium battery protection circuit is close to that of a battery. price itself. Therefore, the current price of lithium battery electric motorcycles is usually nearly 50% higher than that of lead-acid battery electric motorcycles. In addition, some people think that waste lead-acid batteries will cause serious pollution to the environment, but in fact lead-acid battery technology is very mature, and the recycling rate of batteries has been very considerable. too worried.

For users with a single commute distance of less than 25km, lead-acid battery electric motorcycles will be a cost-effective choice. If you think the charging is too frequent, you can purchase an additional battery pack as a backup. Many models have a removable battery design. The price of the whole vehicle plus the extra lead-acid battery is definitely lower than the price of a lithium electric motorcycle. For those who pursue sports performance or stylish styling, lightweight and stable lithium-ion electric motorcycles are the best choice.

lead-acid battery electric motorcycles

2. What are the advantages of electric motorcycles over 6,000 yuan?

The positioning of electric motorcycles above 6,000 yuan is mainly lithium battery electric motorcycles, including some high-end electric mopeds of well-known brands.

Lithium battery electric motorcycles are inferior to fuel motorcycles in performance and battery life, but they also have the advantages of good portability and high intelligence. At the same time, their price is 30-40% lower than that of fuel motorcycles. Secondly, the main audience is motorcycle enthusiasts who have certain requirements for speed and appearance in the city, but the parking spaces are relatively tight.

High-end electric mopeds are more attractive and smarter than mid- and low-grade electric mopeds. Its troubleshooting, data recording, anti-theft and other operations can be completed on the APP, which is welcomed by the digital family.

And this kind of electric motorcycle has bright and fashionable color matching, full of design sense, and it is eye-catching when driving on the road.