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Types of electric bicycles

According to the driving mode of electric bicycle

Friction wheel drive

The friction wheel on the driving machine directly acts on the rubber tire of the rear wheel and drives through friction. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and low cost, but the rotation efficiency is low, the energy consumption is large, the friction loss of vehicle tires is large, and it is easy to slip in rainy days.

Central axle sprocket drive type

The drive machine is specially designed and installed on the central axle of the bicycle. The center of gravity of the electric bicycle motor with this structure is reasonable and the transmission efficiency is higher than that of the grinding wheel type, but the mechanical loss is still large and the transmission efficiency is not high.

Hub drive type

The drive motor is installed in the hub of the rear axle of the vehicle. This hub is similar to the hub of the motorcycle and has a slightly larger size. The hub is connected with the steel ring of the vehicle through spokes (steel wire), so as to directly drive the rear wheel to rotate. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable design, compact structure, small volume, light weight and higher transmission efficiency than the first two. At present, most electric bicycles choose the driving mode.

According to the type of electric bicycle drive motor

Brush DC motor type

Permanent magnet brush DC motor is adopted. This motor has the advantages of simple control system, low cost and strong overload capacity, but it needs commutator and brush. There is mechanical wear, which affects the efficiency of brush motor.

Brushless DC motor type

Permanent magnet brushless DC motor with high scientific and technological content is adopted. Because there is no brush and no rotating gear, there is no mechanical wear of the brush. Therefore, it has the advantages of no interference, long service life, high efficiency, reliable operation and simple maintenance. Compared with brush motor, the disadvantage is that the control system is complex and the cost is high. Nevertheless, it will be the development trend of DC drive motor.

According to the configuration of electric bicycle

Luxury model

The whole vehicle is equipped with instrument display panels to display speed, temperature, electric quantity, mileage, driving time, voltage and current, and the more advanced one adopts super large liquid crystal display (LCD) with night backlight design, so that the driver can see the operation status of the vehicle at a glance. At the same time, it is also equipped with front and rear damping systems, idea tips, infrared anti-theft keys, rear cargo boxes, etc, Make cycling comfortable and convenient

Economy type

Also known as universal type, it is not equipped with a motorcycle like luxury type, but only a small number of necessary devices such as power display, which is good in quality and cheap, simple and practical.

According to the intelligence of electric bicycle

Standard type

It can not only bicycle, but also electrically drive and assist. The driving speed of the electric bicycle can be changed arbitrarily within 20km / h mainly through the manual control of the handle.

Intelligent type

On the basis of the standard type, by improving the intelligence of the control system (using special sensors), the vehicle can automatically adjust the output power (horsepower) of the driving motor according to its driving speed, or the vehicle control system can automatically control the output current of the battery according to the riding force of the cyclist, So as to realize the excellent cooperation between human and power. This not only prolongs the driving mileage and motor life, saves labor and electricity, but also avoids the traffic risk caused by too fast driving speed as far as possible.

In addition to the above classification, the batteries used for electric bicycles generally include sealed maintenance free lead-acid batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries. Although the former is not very ideal in weight, it has large capacity, no memory effect and low price. It is the main power source of most electric bicycles at present; The latter has large capacity, no pollution and no memory effect, but its price is very high and is not easy to popularize.


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