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What are the advantages of electric bicycles?
Electric bicycles are a good helper for people to travel no matter in cities or in rural areas. Today, the editor wants to discuss with you, what are the advantages of electric bicycles, let's take a look.

1. Move freely

Like bicycles, being able to travel anywhere can be a big advantage of electric bicycles. Including "places where cars cannot go", "places without buses", "places where motor vehicles are prohibited", "places where factories, mines, communities, and schools are not allowed to enter". People ride, electric, free to come and go, flexible and convenient.

Indeed, e-bikes are small and lightweight, making it easy to traverse the streets. Especially in those cities where land is expensive, electric bicycles can be easily placed in the basement of the floor, stored in designated locations in the community, and do not need to occupy parking spaces and too much public space.

2. Environmental protection

Electric bicycles do not emit toxic gases and cause air pollution, which is the first major advantage of electric bicycles compared to cars and other means of transportation. Some people may say that after the battery of an electric bicycle is worn out, it will also cause pollution, which is no longer in line with reality. Because there is already a battery repair technology that can quickly repair old batteries, old batteries can still be purchased and sold for money, and at the same time, unified management and disposal of used batteries can be realized, so electric bicycles are a kind of non-polluting environment. Green transportation.

3. Riding safety

Because electric bicycles are relatively light and slow (the speed of the vehicle can be completely adjusted and limited within a reasonable range), and at the same time, with the requirements of riders, the driving safety performance of electric bicycles has been improved, especially in various aspects such as brakes (dual disc brakes) The indicators have been greatly improved to meet the daily travel safety needs of people.

Electric Bicycle

4. Save money

Due to the energy saving, the use of electric bicycles saves more money than other means of transportation. For example, for the same distance (about 1,000 kilometers per month), it costs 600 yuan for car users; 200 yuan for motorcycles, and 30 yuan for electric bicycles. Therefore, electric bicycles are popular among the masses.

5. Save trouble

In addition to being expensive to refuel, there is also a problem of difficulty in refueling with fuel vehicles. With the sharp rise of the international oil price and the sharp increase of the total number of domestic automobiles, the problem of oil shortage in my country has become increasingly prominent. Many gas stations are not available 24/7 to supply gasoline, and as a result car owners often have to wait in line for refueling. Sometimes I finally got to the queue, only to be told that the gas was out, and there was no gas station nearby, and the whole living arrangement was disrupted. And electric bicycles do not have the problem of refueling, as long as they are charged on time, they can completely replace cars in daily urban life. Even if the power goes out occasionally, makeshift charging points all over the street and parking in the basement of the floor can solve the problem very well.

In today's increasingly serious pollution, we use more electric bicycles, which is also a contribution to environmental protection.

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