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What are the advantages of electric motorcycles?

In all fairness, many advantages of electric motorcycles are still very desirable. Both their economy and environmental protection are incomparable to many fuel motorcycles. Compared with the current urban travel scene, electric motorcycles are simply tailor-made travel tools. It is a pity that some countries and regions have banned electric motorcycles. Take the 2000W Cool Electric Motorbike as an example, let's take a look at the shiny advantages of electric motorcycles.

2000W Cool Electric Motorbike

1. Starting full torque

Accelerating for a while, accelerating all the time

Like new energy vehicles, the most direct advantage of electric motorcycles that we can experience is its power (the power mentioned here does not refer to extreme speed, but to initial acceleration). Because the power output methods of electric motors and internal combustion engines are essentially different:

The torque output of the internal combustion engine has a climbing process, and only when the speed reaches a certain value will the maximum torque be output;

The torque output of the motor increases with the increase of the current. When it is just started and enters the working state, the applied current is already the maximum current.

This also means that the torque of the fuel motorcycle increases gradually when it is started, and the electric motorcycle has directly output power with full torque when it is started. Repeated friction on the ground is not an exaggeration.

2. Save money, save money, save money!

In the daily use of fuel motorcycles, the maintenance cost consists of: fuel cost + maintenance cost + insurance cost;

The maintenance cost of an electric motorcycle consists of: electricity + tire brake wear + insurance cost.

The daily maintenance cost of electric motorcycles is lower than that of fuel motorcycles. Just by comparing the electricity bill with the fuel bill, the economy of electric motorcycles is also significantly ahead of fuel motorcycles.

In addition to maintenance costs, the failure rate of electric motorcycles is also lower than that of fuel motorcycles, which means that it can avoid the trouble of frequent repairs, save time and money, and at the same time prevent some people from being unable to repair their cars when they break down. Trouble.

Although the battery of an electric motorcycle will have a certain battery life attenuation problem, the cost of replacing a new battery is an indispensable expense for an electric motorcycle. But looking back, I am afraid that it is possible to replace the new battery with the fuel cost saved by the fuel motorcycle!

3. Easy and pleasant short-distance travel, tailor-made urban traffic

The most basic and attractive feature of electric motorcycles is ease and convenience.

Compared with fuel motorcycles, electric motorcycles are more suitable for short- and medium-distance travel (including daily travel). Its characteristics such as strong front-end power, economy, and environmental protection are simply tailored for urban travel. When you get on the road, you can traverse the streets with ease, and you can plug in the charging port when you get home. There are no traffic jams, no parking spaces, and parking fees!

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