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What are themerits and drawbacks of electric bikes?

 1. Environmental protection: Electric bikes do not emit toxic gases and cause air pollution, which is the first major advantage of electric bikes over cars and other ways of transportation.One might argue that pollution is unrealistic when electric bike batteries are damaged.Because there is a battery repair technology that can quickly repair old batteries in time, old batteries can still be bought and sold, and can achieve unified management and treatment of old batteries, so electric bicycles is a green environment that does not pollute the environment. 

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2. Energy saving: The same 100 kilometers, the car generally needs 5-15 liters of gasoline, motorcycle It also takes 2-6 liters of oil, but electric bikes cost very little, and they are a very reasonable option in the global energy crisis.

3. Save money: Because to energy saving, using electric bikes is cheaper than other means of transportation.For example, the same journey (about 1,000 kilometers per month) costs more than 600 kilometers for motorcycles, 200 yuan and 30 yuan for electric bikes.Therefore, electric bikes are very popular with the general public.

4. Save trouble: Now fuel vehicles, in addition to expensive, there is a difficult problem.With the rapid rise of international oil prices and the rapid growth of the total number of domestic automobiles, China's oil shortage problem is increasingly prominent.Many gas stations cannot supply gasoline 24 hours a day, so drivers often have to line up for gas.Sometimes I am Inform that the oil was gone, and that there was no gas station nearby, and that the entire life arrangements were disrupted.And electric bikes do not have refueling problems, as long as charging on time, it can completely replace the cars in daily city life.Even with occasional blackouts and the streets filled with temporary charging stations and floors, the parking space in the basement is a good fix.




(1) Do not obey the traffic rules


(2) Highway driving, retrograde, carrying people;


(3) Fast speed, poor braking performance, and fragile car body;

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