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JIANSHE new electric motorcycle SS Windchill

The company is located in

Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, with a long brand history, is a professional electric two-wheeled vehicle production base.

The company strictly follows ISO9001 international quality system standard to produce high-tech,

high quality and high efficiency core products.


What is an electric motorcycle?


Electric motorcycle is a kind of electric vehicle, using electric battery to drive the motor to drive. The electric drive and control system consists of the drive motor, the power supply and the speed control device of the motor. The other devices of an electric motorcycle are basically the same as those of an internal combustion engine.

The components of an electric motorcycle include an electric drive and control system, a mechanical system such as a drive force transmission, and a work device to accomplish a given task. The electric drive and control system is the core of an electric motorcycle, and is the biggest difference from a vehicle driven by an internal combustion engine.


Product components of electric motorcycles


Power supply

The power supply provides electrical energy for the electric motorcycle's drive motor, which converts the electrical energy from the power supply into mechanical energy to drive the wheels and work devices through the transmission or directly. Today, the most widely used power source on electric motorcycles is the lead-acid battery, but with the development of electric motorcycle technology, the lead-acid battery is gradually being replaced by other batteries due to its lower specific energy, slower charging speed and shorter life span. The application of new power sources is being developed, which opens up a broad prospect for the development of electric vehicles.

Drive motor

The role of the drive electric motorcycle is to convert the electrical energy of the power supply into mechanical energy, through the transmission device or directly drive the wheels and work devices. Today's electric vehicles are widely used DC series-excited motors, which have "soft" mechanical characteristics and are very compatible with the driving characteristics of automobiles. However, due to the existence of DC motors, the specific power is small, the efficiency is low, and the maintenance workload is large. With the development of motor technology and motor control technology, it is bound to be gradually replaced by DC electric motorcycles (BCDM), switched reluctance motors (SRM) and AC asynchronous motors.


Why choose electric motorcycle

JIANSHE new electric motorcycle SS


1. Freedom of movement

As with electric motorcycles, the ability to travel to various places can be considered a major advantage of electric bikes. This includes "places where cars can't go", "places where there are no buses", "places where motor vehicles are prohibited", "places where factories, mines, communities and schools are not allowed". places". People can ride and drive at will, and they can come and go freely, flexibly and conveniently.

Indeed, electric motorcycles are small, light, and can be easily used in streets and alleys. Especially in cities where land is scarce, electric bicycles can be easily placed in the basement of the floor, the designated location of the community storage, without the need to occupy the parking space and excessive public space.



Ms. Ma lives in Hailing Zhu Zhuang and works in the city. Originally, she drove a car every day, but a few days ago, she bought a new electric bike, not only to and from work is convenient, but also left a lot of gas money. Mr. Wang, who lives in Jingguang District, also bought an electric bicycle for his child who is in junior high school. Mr. Wang said, "The child has a long way to go to school, and it is fast and cheap to ride an electric bike."

Indeed, electric bicycles, like bicycles, do not need to pay road fees, and the price of an ordinary electric car is generally only between 1500-3500 yuan. At the same time, the cost of electricity is only one tenth of the cost of motorcycle fuel. The people do not like affordable and cheap things?


3、Energy saving and environmental protection

Electric bicycles have another advantage: they can achieve zero emissions and do not pollute the atmosphere. The same 100 kilometers of travel, electric motorcycles generally need 5-15 liters of gasoline, motorcycles also need 2-6 liters of oil, but electric motorcycles as long as the cost of 1-3 degrees of electricity or so. With the growing worldwide energy crisis, electric bikes are a very sensible choice.

In today's increasingly serious pollution, we use more electric motorcycles, for environmental protection is also a contribution to the power.


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