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Why promote the popularity of electric bikes?

The analysis is as follows:


1. Electric bikes occupy a small lane.China is the most populous country, and if cars become popular, it will be a waste of resources.Such as energy, road (including parking space), etc.Electric bikes can avoid the above disadvantages.


2. Electric bicycle economy and environmental protection.Electric bikes can be ridden by charging, need no oil, and do not pollute the air, which is a blessing for pedestrians.Pedestrians are not willing to breathe the air polluted by gasoline on the road, which is equal to chronic murder, once suffering from lung cancer, the medical expenses are very large, for the general family burden is very big, but also very painful.Now the bus fare is very expensive, accidentally a month spent about 100 yuan, and the electric bicycle by a day charged one yuan, a month but 30 yuan, for the middle and low income people, is very cost-effective.


electric bikes

3. Efficient and convenient.Because the electric bicycle body is small, but faster than the car, is conducive to ease the traffic congestion, reduce the traffic pressure.And, for the cyclists have a great convenience, do not have to worry about the parking space.If you blindly develop the bus, or the same occupy the lane, and turn to the station trouble, increase the burden, after getting off to walk a section to reach the destination.Electric bikes don't have these problems.