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Business Opportunity

Our company is an enterprise specializing in the production and management of top brands-electric bicycles and electric motorcycles.

The company was founded in July 2010 and currently has two production lines, fixed assets of 8 million yuan, and more than 120 employees, including 10 senior managers and 15 middle managers. And in June 2011, it passed the acceptance of the national production license; it was determined as a qualified product by the provincial quality supervision bureau in 2011.

The company's production and sales volume in the electric vehicle industry ranks among the best, and has successfully achieved 80% network distribution in the Jiangsu market; and has penetrated the markets of Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui, Chongqing, Guangxi and other provinces and cities; and passed Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Shanghai, Shandong Province and other new products were identified, and the catalogs were listed in the public security departments of the above provinces.

  • Established
    Created in July 2010
  • Fixed assets
    Fixed assets of 8 million yuan
  • Staff
    More than 120 employees
  • Network penetration rate
    80% network coverage rate
  • To build a brand as the corporate goal
    The company will take brand building as its corporate goal, develop diversified operations, accelerate network construction; develop network services and e-commerce, and strive to build the company into an area integrating research, development, production, sales, information network, and technology services. And even a national electric vehicle company.

    The 21st century has arrived. Twenty years of reform and opening up have brought tremendous changes to the land of China, and the market is no longer the one it was yesterday. People from all walks of life struggle to develop in different fields, sink or float, and realize their ideals. After passing through the bitterness and bitterness of primitive accumulation, they became the owners of social wealth.
  • Seize opportunities and challenges
    With the rapid development of the high-tech industry, the speed of information transmission has been accelerated, and the pace of the domestic electric vehicle market has been accelerating. As an emerging product, electric bicycles were born from the declining natural resources, the increasingly harsh urban environment, and the increasing demand for people’s lives. Therefore, the emergence of electric bicycles has made it a popular product for people. This is not only the domestic market, the visit rate of foreign businessmen remains high, and the good market prospects bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the electric vehicle industry.
  • Use talents to improve competitiveness
    At present, the company uses talents, arranges the game, refines the company's core values, and improves its own competitiveness. Product quality management, new product development, marketing strategy formulation, etc. fully reflect the company’s positioning needs of “bigger and stronger”. Therefore, the company drives both domestic sales and international trade to make our company in the electric vehicle industry. Stand up.

    Price is still the most unstable factor in the electric vehicle market. Although the top four brands of electric vehicles control most of the market, some regional brands want to expand their market share and often use low-price strategies to disrupt the market. In addition, even among several major brands, under market pressure, Competing in the dark, among which several major brands of small electric vehicles have declined. These are all uncertain factors that may lead to price wars on electric vehicles.
  • Speed up technological innovation
    Compared with motorcycles, the electric vehicle industry has relatively low technical content. The competition among electric vehicle companies is more reflected in cost. However, as the scale of several major brands has been formed, the cost advantage is almost the same. Therefore, the electric vehicle industry The battle for technological upgrading is inevitable. Technological innovations such as energy-saving technology, green technology, and digital technology will trigger new competition.

    From an overall point of view, the current electric vehicle market is still in a situation of oversupply, and competition is gradually intensifying. In addition to the instability of electric vehicle motors and batteries, many old enterprises are facing difficulties in updating production equipment and technology. Fierce competition has put manufacturers under multiple pressures. The market share is concentrated on large brands. The market share of small brands is also falling sharply. Some companies are even struggling online.
  • Analyze market demand
    From the perspective of market demand, the level of electric vehicle consumption will gradually expand. Some high-quality electric vehicles with excellent overall quality will become the mainstream of market consumption. High-quality electric vehicles with high technical content are welcomed because of their absolute advantages in replacement.

    Due to the accelerated popularization in rural areas, the focus of demand for some low-priced electric vehicles has been extended from urban households to suburban and rural areas. The total demand is steadily increasing, the trend of production and sales is improving, and the production is in a reasonable area of a virtuous cycle. Bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the electric vehicle market.
  • Marketing Management Engineering
    The marketing management project aims at clear responsibilities, reasonable organization, standardized operation, improved efficiency, and clear rewards and punishments. Through the establishment of organizational structure and the reorganization of business processes, the company will be built into a modern customer-centric and market-oriented Marketing-oriented company not only can accomplish the marketing tasks assigned by the company, but also lead the company to develop steadily and grow stronger in an increasingly competitive market.
  • Clarify job procedures and responsibilities
    By clarifying the work process of related posts and the job functions of related posts, defining the job responsibilities of related posts, related post work systems, performance evaluation, incentive assessment and reward and punishment systems (including reward and punishment systems for each position), and establish the management of the dispatched organization Various standardized forms (such as sales daily reports, business staff work schedules, performance appraisal forms, etc.), and marketing service systems (service processes, specifications, systems, policies, and characteristics).

In terms of advantages, our company has relevant product production and sales experience, and is one step ahead of unified management. It is helpful to establish the overall image of the enterprise and improve the quality of products and services.

Although our series of products have great market potential, we need to mainly promote electric vehicles, and other products will naturally be sold. Only when the products are developed for specialization and new development, and the channels and services are developed for deep and wide development, can our brand be truly strong.

Through the analysis of the market, we found that the electric vehicle industry is an emerging product in the domestic and foreign markets. This instead provides our company with a good opportunity. As long as we adjust the corporate strategy in time, make full use of resources, and carry out reasonable integration, our brand can win a place in the fierce market competition.