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electric adventure motorcycle for sale

The electric adventure motorcycle is a mechatronic personal vehicle with a motor, controller, battery, handlebar gate and other control parts and display instrumentation system installed on the basis of an ordinary bicycle with a battery as an auxiliary energy source.


Development of electric adventure motorcycle


The development history of electric adventure motorcycle is generally agreed to be in three stages: the primary stage of electric adventure motorcycle, the initial production scale stage, and the super speed development stage.

The primary stage of electric adventure motorcycle is also known as the early experimental production stage of electric adventure motorcycle, in terms of time, that is, from 1995 to 1999. This stage is mainly to electric adventure motorcycle's four major components, motor, battery, charger and controller of key technology research. In terms of research and development production is mainly to the production enterprise spontaneous collection of information, tracking technology, the organization of market observation, small batch of market trials put, but also make the electric adventure motorcycle began to enter the consumer's vision, and gradually recognized by them to accept. From the technical level, the early electric adventure motorcycle, a new battery charge can only travel about 30 kilometers, the battery life is short, poor climbing ability, easy to wear, and the motor is also brushed toothless motor. But the accumulation of this period, for today's industrial scale in the talent, technology and product development and other aspects of the foundation to do a good job.

 electric adventure motorcycle

The birth history of electric adventure motorcycle


In China from the 1980s, someone has developed electric adventure motorcycle, and continue to improve its structure. It was not until the beginning of this century that electric adventure motorcycle was promoted in large numbers and entered numerous families. The electric adventure motorcycle has been an energy-saving and environmentally friendly means of transportation, and the former director of Shanghai Bicycle Research Institute, Mr. Wang Peiyuan, and the chairman of Hangzhou Jianye Electric Vehicle Co.


Certification management of electric adventure motorcycle


electric adventure motorcycle industrial product production license management to the implementation of compulsory product certification (hereinafter referred to as CCC certification) transition period from August 1, 2018 to April 14, 2019, the transition period production license and CCC certification management coexist, before April 14, 2019, electric adventure motorcycle products should be with a valid production license or CCC certification factory, sales or use in other business activities.


The company is located in

Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, electric two-wheeled vehicle production base, the brand has a long history, is a professional electric two-wheeled vehicle production enterprises.