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electric light motorcycle-Jianshe DJ

The battery life of electric vehicles has always been a headache for many car owners. For some car owners who need to ride long distances, it will be a hassle to charge them every day. Today, I will recommend an electric light motorcycle with a long battery life. The point is that it is still very smart. It is: Jianshe DJ.

The Jianshe DJ is comfortable to ride and is an electric moped. The model adopts a lightweight frame, making the body of the electric vehicle lighter, more durable and easier to handle. Equipped with photosensitive high-transparency headlights, high brightness and long irradiation distance. Every moment in the ride is a shining "day".

In terms of battery life, Jianshe DJ is equipped with a custom 800W rated power motor and a 60V30AH large-capacity battery, which makes the theoretical battery life longer than ordinary electric light motorcycles, and the power output is strong. Whether it is climbing or accelerating, it will be more dynamic. 70 kilometers of battery life.

In terms of comfort, Jianshe DJ adopts cushioning technology, which can effectively filter road bumps even in potholes and bumpy driving.

In terms of appearance, Jianshe DJ's classic minimalist appearance, coupled with smooth lines, outlines a flexible body, which is light and solid, escorts the safety of the vehicle, and provides owners with a more comfortable travel experience.

The size of the whole vehicle is 1880mm long, 700mm wide, 1080mm high, 1350mm wheelbase and 80KG. The front and rear wheels are 10-inch front wheels, and the tire specifications are brand new 300-10CX-673.

When it comes to battery life, we have to talk about charging. Jianshe DJ starts from zero charging for eight hours, which greatly reduces the charging time. When charging at night, it can be used for a whole day during the day without affecting daily life at all. There is electricity, but the electricity cannot be used up.